planetary awakening

26th October 2015 – 16th November 2015: Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus Align

by Sarah Varcas 21 October 2015

      The Ripple of Awakening By Sarah Varcas   The healing energy of Uranus and Chiron’s current relationship is now fortified by Jupiter’s involvement. In Virgo, a deeply healing sign, Jupiter seeks perfection and belonging, a peaceful place of purity in which all things can rest. But before we reach that place the path […]

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27th August – 2nd November 2015: Mercury in Libra

by Sarah Varcas 26 August 2015

  Image: “With Eyes Like Galaxies She Whispers” by Gary Rosenberg   Spatial Relationships By Sarah Varcas   Mercury spends a relatively lengthy time journeying through Libra on account of turning retrograde on 17th September. In doing so it promotes either mutual understanding or divisive discord, depending how we use it. Mercury in Libra highlights […]

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11th August 2015 – 9th September 2016: Jupiter in Virgo

by Sarah Varcas 5 August 2015

      The Web of Life By Sarah Varcas   After the buoyant confidence of Jupiter in Leo since July 2014, its arrival in Virgo heralds a time of quiet activity which will build firm foundations for the future. Jupiter in Virgo resonates deeply with Mother Earth, reminding us her future is integral to […]

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23rd to 26th December 2013: Black Moon Lilith here for Christmas!

by Sarah Varcas 23 December 2013

  Image: ‘Breath of Dawn’ by Rassouli   Gift of the Black Moon by Sarah Varcas   Black Moon Lilith has come for Christmas! We don’t often hear about her, but she’s been increasingly demanding my attention this year, speaking loud and clear about her role in the year to come and the inner power […]

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13th – 15th December 2013: Deep Wisdom from Deep Space

by Sarah Varcas 13 December 2013

    Your Mission for 2014 Is… by Sarah Varcas   A couple of weeks ago we encountered a powerful ‘portal’ to divine wisdom in the form of a conjunction between the Black Sun and Black Moon Lilith, the latter of which was travelling retrograde through Cancer. Questions posed then, to the greater intelligence which […]

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11th December 2013: Patience….

by Sarah Varcas 11 December 2013

    What it Takes to Grow Strong…. by Sarah Varcas   We may find ourselves experiencing apparently opposing forces at the moment. On the one hand we feel the burgeoning need to clear away the old out-dated aspects of our lives in order to begin afresh and express our inner changes on an external […]

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