26th October 2015 – 16th November 2015: Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus Align

by Sarah on 21/10/2015


 Jupiter in Virgo, Uranus in Aries, Chiron in Pisces, collective healing, deep truth, knowing the mind, emotional healing, ego and essence, personal healing, collective evolution


The Ripple of Awakening


Sarah Varcas

The healing energy of Uranus and Chiron’s current relationship is now fortified by Jupiter’s involvement. In Virgo, a deeply healing sign, Jupiter seeks perfection and belonging, a peaceful place of purity in which all things can rest. But before we reach that place the path can be rocky and oftentimes steep. Sometimes our very desire for change and healing is what creates the friction and stress that holds us back. We see how different things could be and yearn for a more enduring slice of the freedom we occasionally taste. This desire, whilst understandable, morphs into a stick we beat ourselves with as we become ever more aware of how we sabotage our longing for change. This is the shadow side of Jupiter in Virgo, which finds fault and flaw with far greater ease than it can offer encouragement or solace. The microscope through which we view the world becomes an instrument of torture as we focus in on our perceived imperfections and places of lack.

Throughout this current alignment we must remember that awakening is not something we do alone, dependent upon our blood, sweat and tears to get us through. Instead it is a ripple through the collective, a movement of the whole towards deeper intimacy and shared wisdom. The message of Jupiter’s journey through Virgo reminds us that we are Mother Nature, the cosmos, the unified heart as much as we are individuals going it alone. As we awaken to our inherent symbiosis healing cannot help but occur, for our sense of separation and isolation is eclipsed by the light of the Sacred Source from which we all emerge.

The timing of our personal awakening may be different to that of others, but the evolutionary dance in which we each have a part happens in the spaces inbetween. As much as we must find our own step we must align those steps with others, locating the sacred rhythm to which our hearts beat in time. In a world that appears evermore insane, sharing rhythm with each other creates a groundswell of change from the inside out, for transformation must happen at all levels, not just form a thin veneer on the surface of our lives. Jupiter in Virgo can help us thread this transformation through all levels of being. Once we turn its careful gaze inward with compassion, not criticism, we can see with great clarity where we contradict the beliefs we espouse or fail to live up to the standards we set others; we will know where we judge ourselves harshly, expect great things we’re not yet ready for or accept hurt from others to ‘keep the peace’ and get along.

This is not a ‘comfortable’ alignment for its revelations require bold action and a shift of perspective. It is, however, a positive one in that it illuminates the path through healing and out the other side, rather than the more popular but less progressive one which by-passes those very obstacles we need to confront and dismantle. Ego can be a slippery fish and is most adept at convincing us we’re either more ‘sorted’ than we are or less ‘worthy’ than we are. In truth we are simply somewhere on the road of awakening, living each moment as best we can whilst envisioning a better future. We don’t have to judge progress or achievement, spiritual prowess or specialness. All we have to do is be who we are and respond as best we can when we encounter those places in ourselves and others that need a touch of healing grace. Where previously we have avoided or denied, this alignment bids us acknowledge and accept, for in doing so we fall into step with the evolutionary potential of this time and align ourselves with the redeeming power of an expanded heart and an open mind. In avoidance we walk alone but in awareness we walk together as one, fortified by the quickening power of collective evolution on the brink of a new and hope-filled age.

Sarah Varcas

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