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My name is Sarah Varcas. I live in Wales, UK, with my husband Brian (who has worked tirelessly alongside me to keep Awakenings running smoothly behind the scenes!). Astrology has been an abiding fascination of mine since the mid eighties and after thirteen years working in the field of mental health, followed by a lengthy remodelling of pretty much my entire life (thank you transiting Neptune conjunct my Sun!), I opened Awakenings in May 2009. [ADDITION IN JUNE 2023: As of November 2022, life has taken me in other professional directions (thank you Pluto opposing the ruler of my MC!), but I have retained this site as much of the information here is still relevant and I continue to sell my books and courses on astrology].

My own path of spiritual enquiry is best described as eclectic, embracing both Buddhism and contemplative Christianity, alongside less ‘mainstream’ practices and teachings. For me, spirituality is an essential part of being human, expressed in as many different ways as there are people upon this planet. It is that aspect of life which connects us with each other, with the natural world, all of life and infinite space. It reminds us we are both a tiny speck in an endless universe and contain all things within us if we care (or dare!) to look deeply enough to see. An atheist who stops to gaze upon a flower growing between the cracks in the pavement is as much a spiritual being as a solitary nun who passes her days in communion with god. A shop-keeper who looks out for the welfare of her customers is as much following a spiritual calling as is the Dalai Lama. We are all here to walk our own unique path and we each choose how to do that in our own way. There is no ‘correct’ way to realise and fulfil our spiritual nature, only the way that each of us is walking in this moment. Indeed, it is the multiplicity of the paths we take that enhances the already rich tapestry that is life.

Astrology has been a guiding light throughout my life. No matter how challenging, distressing or bleak circumstances have sometimes seemed, the heavens have consistently revealed to me the bigger picture, enabling me to journey onward, embracing hope, wisdom and insight along the way. Even after decades of interpreting their movements and cycles, my relationship with them continues to grow. Each chart I read, every fresh planetary alignment, unveils new perspectives on our individual and collective journeys. Far from the cosmos telling us who to be, what to think, when to act, it speaks to me of choices unseen, a future unbidden and an endless web of inter-being that links our tiny lives to infinite space and our beating hearts to every other on this planet.

Contrary to sometimes popular belief, astrology is not the art of certainty but the study of choice and opportunity. The heavens speak of possibility and potential in wisdom messages that support our ever-present blossoming. We cannot walk the path they map alone but must do so together, as one body formed of billions of unique but symbiotic cells. The holistic universe reflected in cosmic wisdom speaks as deeply into the political arena as the spiritual, to the collective as much as the individual. In my work I seek to join the dots, to remember that creation’s fulfilment occurs not simply through individual satisfaction but through all life being brought into balance. If we look to the planets for guidance we cannot then use their wisdom as commentary solely on our individuality, but as a reflection of our place in the grand order of becoming, a place which comes with challenges, blessings and responsibilities in equal measure.

As the depth and breadth of the heavens’ wisdom has become increasingly apparent to me, I have endeavoured to share this wisdom as widely as possible with others. I currently do this through my astro-blog and other writings on astrology  and via the Awakenings School of Intuitive Astrology where you can learn how to read your own birth chart and decode its unique and life-changing wisdom.

Sarah Varcas


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