27th August – 2nd November 2015: Mercury in Libra

by Sarah on 26/08/2015


Mercury in Libra, Mercury retrograde in Libra September 2015, conscious relationships, acceptance, unity consciousness, celebrating difference
Image: “With Eyes Like Galaxies She Whispers” by Gary Rosenberg


Spatial Relationships


Sarah Varcas

Mercury spends a relatively lengthy time journeying through Libra on account of turning retrograde on 17th September. In doing so it promotes either mutual understanding or divisive discord, depending how we use it. Mercury in Libra highlights the importance of relating to the world around us in a way that ultimately fosters unity and mutual support rather than fractured isolationism. It would prefer a peaceful and mutually respectful discussion, but is prepared for a fiery argument if needed to eventually find common ground. Sometimes, it reminds us, an opposing view is vital to establishing balance. Finding a way to tolerate the uncomfortable time of dispute and discord can be key to arriving in a place of deeper understanding in the weeks to come.

In Libra, Mercury speaks of relationship and how we communicate with the people around us. If we state opinion as fact and our own perspective as unimpeachable truth we may come unstuck as the heavens highlight the myriad perspectives available, each as valid as another. Prepare, now, to have beliefs challenged! What we thought was obvious may turn out to be anything but; what we assumed everyone agreed with becomes a source of great contention. Mercury alerts us to our blind spots and blinkered attitudes, reminding us that, from a different angle, we couldn’t be more wrong!

None of this means, however, that we must change our opinion to the ‘right’ one. All too often there’s no such thing. Life is way too complex for that and rarely allows for incontrovertible truths that brook no challenge. The whole point of Mercury’s message in the coming weeks is to encourage a greater spaciousness around our beliefs and opinions. Space which allows others to think differently and yet still remain part of our ‘tribe’. Space which recognises that what we believe is not the be all and end all of everything; that we are all human beings who seek love and peace, happiness and meaning, who grieve for what we lose, celebrate our triumphs and share the same planetary home.

As Mercury enters Libra change is afoot and nothing oils the wheels of change better than openness. While most of us carry close to our heart a vision for our life, being open to a reshaping of that vision allows the rejuvenating forces of the universe to act upon our body, mind and spirit. No matter how committed we are to a particular outcome, a different one may await us and a willingness to arrive at an unexpected destination could just be the start of our greatest adventure!

But most adventures are best shared with others – at least for a while – and Mercury in Libra acts on our relationships to encourage openness and clarity. If we’ve avoided dealing with issues in recent months, now’s the time to do so: to clear the air, say our piece and get things off our chest, while allowing others space to share their feelings too. Some of what needs airing may be difficult, uncomfortable. If it weren’t we would have dealt with it by now, right?! Mercury in Libra reminds us that just because addressing something is hard doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do so. Sometimes we must simply endure the discomfort to reap the rewards of openness and honesty. Even if our truth blows apart a life built on a lie, the power of that truth can endure through the aftermath and carry us onward if we let it.

As Mercury enters Libra it encourages reflection on who we find in our life and why, how we accommodate difference and whether or not we can connect more deeply with even those who seem diametrically opposed. In doing so we assert our fundamental humanity as the arbiter of our life, not opinions which unite or divide, creating outsiders either way. The flip side of the human need for connection and companionship is the tendency to create enemies against whom we can ‘unite’. Mercury in Libra exhorts us to resist this urge, act as one and embrace each other as companions in the adventure of planetary awakening.

Sarah Varcas

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