26th November 2015 – 10th April 2016: Echoes of the Uranus/Pluto Square

by Sarah on 24/11/2015


Uranus Pluto square, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, conscious evolution, deep truth, knowing the mind, facing the shadow, working with fear
Image: “Life Passages” by Gary Rosenberg


Cosmic Reverberation


Sarah Varcas

Ha! I can already hear the groans and cries of ‘noooooooooooooooo!!!!’. That whole Uranus/Pluto debacle was supposed to be over and done with, right? Well…. yes, and no. Life as we know it is an echo chamber, with energies, memories, thoughts and feelings, karmic consequences and resplendent grace all reverberating around, sometimes louder and then softer, silent for a while then audible again. Once we’ve lived through something we are forever changed by its wit and wisdom. It becomes us, making us broader and deeper than before. When it comes to forces as powerful and majestic as Pluto – who brings deep, sometimes traumatic, transformation – and Uranus – who shocks us awake with its call to radical freedom – their force-field remains active in our lives long after the encounter. No one is reborn fully formed but becomes so as life continues on. We must grow into rebirth, learning as we go and maturing to embody our future selves.

This time around Uranus and Pluto don’t form an exact square, hence it’s an echo and not the ‘real thing’. They don’t augur the trauma that turns our world upside down, the unpredictable event that takes our life in a wholly different direction just when we thought we had it sussed. Nor do they upend our plans or reveal truths too hard to bear, as they did for so many in recent years. This time around, in their echoing state, they remind us that everything we fear, all that we desire and the entirety of our hopes and dreams exist within us. As does the power to rebirth ourselves, to change our life beyond recognition and to remove ourselves from circumstances that demand too great a toll. Just as their actual square broke apart lives that no longer served the greater truth of who we are, their echo reminds us we can free ourselves from on-going constrictions without the need for external circumstances to force our hand.

We have moved on from the days of that notorious square when apparently unbidden events forced us to surrender to a greater intelligence that shaped our life, with or without our agreement! Now we are that intelligence, plugged into its force-field which shares information with us all the time if we will but take a moment to tune in. If we need to be reborn we are our own midwives. If we need to be shaken awake we can do it by opening our own eyes to what’s really going on. There’s no space for denial, sleight of hand or self-deception now. Uranus and Pluto are us and we are them, undeniably in tune with the evolutionary thrust that lets nothing stand in its way. We fear them only when we fail to recognise their power within us, which will become increasingly difficult to deny as we journey ever onward into the Aquarian Age.

So trepidation about this reawakening of old dynamics is unnecessary. These two cosmic giants return to confirm they were us all along – our own desires and fears, choices and denials, taking a hold of our lives. Whatever they brought was our own nature making itself known to us, wherever they took us was always deeper into our own soul. In the coming months they cheer us onward, confident that we have what it takes to be a similarly uncompromising force for change in this shocking and breathtakingly beautiful world.

Sarah Varcas

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