26th November 2015: Saturn Squaring Neptune First Exact Alignment

by Sarah on 24/11/2015


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Coming of Age


Sarah Varcas

The first exact alignment of a lengthy aspect such as the Saturn/Neptune square lays the groundwork for the coming months. Whilst exactitude occurs at a moment in time, its influence continues, unfolding its fruits and challenges, graces and grievances, until the next square (June 2016) offers more grist for the mill.

Occurring a few hours after the Full Moon in Gemini, this alignment signals that we currently face the inevitable outcomes of past choices, both personally and collectively. We are not hapless victims of life but active players with agency, power and influence. In their square, Saturn and Neptune ask us how we have used that power and how we truly feel about it. Whilst we may at times bemoan our ‘fate’ and rail against a life that dishes the dirt and drops us in it from a great height, it is time for unbridled honesty about how willing we really are to claim our innate strength and assume the unfettered responsibility it bestows upon us. Despite the pain of powerlessness, we may prefer it to making empowering choices which demand we face the truth of our lives and become the answer to our own prayers.

With this alignment occurring as Uranus and Pluto echo their recent influential square, we’re left in no doubt that the coming months are pivotal in terms of our personal and collective futures. If we seek a place to hide from the challenges we won’t find one. And no matter how we feel about that at the time, we’ll be jolly glad we didn’t once the fruits of commitment to awakening ripen. Yes, we may well be in for an ‘interesting’ time, and for interesting you can read challenging as well as inspiring, liberating and alchemical. But the outcome of living this time well – using it to expand our perspective not restrict it to the obsessions of our tiny minds and defensive egos – will be well worth the effort!

This alignment raises the issue of faith, of what we believe and why. If we use faith as a prop, relying upon the power of belief to see us through, we risk disappointment right now. Wherever we place our confidence, actions speak far louder and we must live our beliefs as wholeheartedly as possible, seeing them in action and discovering their impact in the here and now. In doing so we may encounter disappointment, for Saturn exposes anything that lacks concrete results or fails to stand up to scrutiny. Or we may experience a deepening of our faith, for Neptune rewards honest, pure devotion with an ever deeper connection to the divine. Either way is revealed the value (or otherwise) of our world-view and its impact when lived to the full.

At the time of this alignment Mars in Libra reminds us we can never live in a vacuum no matter how much we may want to! The desire to withdraw into our own private world may be especially strong now, seeing the outside one as increasingly anxiety-provoking and, even, unnecessary! But withdrawal will not be helpful at this point. We need to remain engaged whatever it takes, and it’s up to us to find how we can best do that. It doesn’t mean we can never retreat, restore ourselves, love ourselves above all else and take good care of our gently opening hearts, but it does mean we cannot guard ourselves to the exclusion of others, refusing to contemplate the experience of a world in pain. For that world is us: you and me, seven billion people, all life upon this planet. Together we create a world waking up to its own power and the inevitable outcomes of its choices and priorities. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. If we deny our place in the world, the world itself denies a little more truth about what it is and how its present came to be. And denial, above all else, is the greatest threat to wise and compassionate progress.

Saturn and Neptune signal the coming of age of this planet. No longer can we get away with naïve assumptions or immature egocentricity. Waking up demands wisdom and fortitude, for we awaken to a world in crisis and in doing so become responsible for its healing. The heavens assure us it can be done. They speak of great hope and powerful potential, but it is we who must manifest it: by the power of our actions, by our commitment to truth, by our willingness to go the extra mile and do whatever awakening demands. And most importantly by our willingness to look beyond the tiny self, to the unified one that connects us all.

As the Saturn/Neptune square is exact for the first time we receive details of our ‘mission’ and the opportunity to accept or reject it, for we always have a choice. The mission is this: recognise our power, acknowledge it, embrace it and open our eyes to the many ways in which we deny it every single day. Then stop denying and start doing with all our might. Live life from a place of wisdom and faith, not fear and defensiveness. Dare to embody our beliefs not just proclaim them, and be honest about how well they stand up to scrutiny when we do. Engage with the world, rather than deny or avoid it. We are part of it, not separate and free to come and go as we choose, depending on whether the world meets our needs and behaves as we think it should!

Above all the heavens say this: We can neither side-step awakening, nor can we skim across it to prematurely reach the other side. We must journey through its very centre where the darkest and brightest experiences live; where we are crippled by doubt and rejuvenated by faith; where our spirits fail and break, only to be reborn anew from the alchemical flames of healing; where all we thought mattered and everything we believed ourselves to be is stripped away to reveal the most sacred presence that dwells at our core. The journey may feel treacherous and our courage weak, but the entire cosmos cheers us on. Nothing and no one can stop us, for the time to awaken is now.

Sarah Varcas

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