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Are you seeking direction in life, clarity amidst confusion or a sense of meaning in the middle of an increasingly hectic world? Perhaps you’re struggling with unwelcome changes…the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, health problems, or children leaving home and moving on with their own lives, leaving you wondering what to do with yours? Whatever our age or circumstances, there are times when we could all use some support, guidance and wisdom to help light our way forward.

My name is Sarah Varcas, and as your astrologer I can help you navigate through these and many other life changes by revealing the meaning, purpose and wisdom they hold for you. We are all unique, as are our individual lives. We all have lessons to learn, truths to discover and gifts to share. Whilst we may ask similar questions about life, the answers we each receive vary greatly as we walk our own unique path of personal and spiritual development.

We live in intense and transformative times. Change which once took years to manifest now happens in the space of months or even weeks! Many, these days, are experiencing increasing frustration and dissatisfaction as they seek a deeper purpose in and experience of life. Arising now, in human consciousness, is a greater and more urgent demand for wisdom and meaning, alongside a return to a deeper and more vibrant relationship with the natural world. Put another way, many are now part of a growing realisation of unity, a resonance with something greater and a burgeoning awareness of our inter-connectedness with each other and all things. Astrology enhances this awareness, revealing to us our own personal part to be played in the great drama of our ever-expanding universe.

The use of astrology reminds us that we are part of an infinite whole, channelling universal energies into the material world as we live our lives on earth. We often forget this, believing ourselves to be independent beings, existing in isolation from any notion of a bigger picture. But the heavens reflect back to us who we really are and where we fit. They provide us with a map of our lives and, through their daily movements, guide us ever deeper into an experience of our authentic selves, if we will but follow. The more intimately we can communicate with the heavens, the better able we are to recognise and receive their wisdom and guidance as we journey through life. It is this wisdom that I seek to share with you, interpreted in such a way that you can apply it in your everyday life to enhance and deepen your experience, embodying, as you go, a more authentic and vibrant expression of who you truly are.

People turn to astrology for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking direction having been through a time of confusion or disappointment. Others want to heal a trauma or move on from a difficult situation. Some are looking for answers to long held questions such as ‘Why do my relationships always seem to go wrong?’, or ‘What should I be doing with my life in terms of work or family?’. Others may be looking for spiritual guidance and a more profound understanding of their place in the infinite and boundless Whole that is our universe. For many, and certainly for myself, astrology is a potent tool to assist one’s personal and spiritual development. Indeed, there are as many reasons as there are people, and astrology can help shed light upon all manner of issues, whoever you are and wherever you find yourself at this time.

Here at Awakenings you can explore life at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Maybe something in the Hot Topics section will be of interest to you or you can deepen your knowledge and insight at the Awakenings School of Intuitive Astrology, using your own natal chart as a learning tool, decoding its unique wisdom messages as you go. Or perhaps following the astro-energy reports in my astrology blog will provide you with the support and insight you need right now.

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