11th August 2015 – 9th September 2016: Jupiter in Virgo

by Sarah on 05/08/2015


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Sarah Varcas

After the buoyant confidence of Jupiter in Leo since July 2014, its arrival in Virgo heralds a time of quiet activity which will build firm foundations for the future. Jupiter in Virgo resonates deeply with Mother Earth, reminding us her future is integral to our own. We simply cannot separate the two. During its stay in Virgo, Jupiter connects with the Moon’s North Node at a powerful Blue Moon in June 2016. Between now and then we have a precious opportunity to realign with the needs of our beautiful planet, just as she has met ours for millennia.

Jupiter speaks now of the inherent creativity we often overlook. Many consider themselves uncreative when in fact they may simply lack ‘artistic talent’. In fact we are creative in every moment, giving life to thoughts and feelings, words and deeds. We may not have a specific objet d’art to show for it come nightfall, but each day we are artists working on the canvas of our lives. Jupiter in Virgo reminds us that every moment is a brushstroke, every decision moulds the clay of who we are. It knows how vital each one of these is. No longer seduced by size and stature as it was in Leo, it resonates with the tiny moments and apparently inconsequential actions that create the life we live today.

In the coming months the development of mindfulness will support us considerably. The more present we can be to the moment, not losing ourselves in fantasy or fear, the more we can shape the fruits of our creativity in alignment with the flow of conscious becoming. Jupiter in Virgo honours the power of gentleness, the healing potential of quietude, the blessings of knowing intimately the tiniest lives on this planet, the smallest parts of a whole. It knows that within the microcosm we find the macrocosm, within the mundane we find the divine and within our lives we have absolutely everything we need to awaken, right here, right now. It knows that the answers we seek may not be written boldly across the heavens but in the light of a distant star which has already met its fiery end before we perceive its light. Our destiny may not impress others and thrust us into the limelight, but be instead a quiet repose which knows that all things come to those who wait.

As human beings we are blessed with great potential and so much hope. As a race we have squandered such riches in pursuit of power – over life, other people, even over Mother Nature herself. Jupiter in Virgo turns our attention to how life begins, how we create from nothing and manifest form. It asks us to pay close attention to the elements we combine to create our desired life and the feedback we receive from nature herself as we do so. She speaks to us clearly if we will but listen, and her messages will be evermore important as Jupiter journeys through Virgo. In a busy world where there’s barely time to breathe, it’s vital we shift the focus from striving to collaboration, from control to alignment. As Jupiter now crosses the fixed star Regulus, whose shift into Virgo in 2011heralded another step forward in the birth of the Aquarian Age, we’re reminded that without Mother Earth we are nothing. It is she who should be the centre of our world, not ourselves, for in her we find everything we need and all that is vital to our physical and spiritual survival.

The time has come to honour our planetary mother every single day. For each step upon her to be placed with love, for each breath to be taken with gratitude. It is time to reflect on how our creations align with the ecosystem into which we have been born. What is the price of our becoming? Of fulfilling our hopes and dreams? How can we further peace on this planet, mutual respect and sustainability whilst fulfilling our own individual potential and weaving a meaningful life?

No matter who we are or what we dream, we carry the life of our descendants in our hearts, of future generations to be blessed with this beautiful planet as we have been. We hold in our hands the destiny of the birds and the bees, the seas and oceans, air and soil. Our every thought, word and deed act as nourishment or poison to the world around us. As we pursue our own fulfilment we can facilitate collective awakening or hinder its advance. It was never an ‘either/or’ but a ‘both/and’. Both you and me at peace in our own lives as Mother Nature flourishes around us.

There is much to be done now, plans to implement, dreams to realise, awakening to be embraced. Jupiter in Virgo bids us join hands with all of life to act in alignment with becoming, not in competition with it. If we meet barriers and obstacles along the way stop… look… listen….the cosmos is speaking, our Mother is offering guidance as to timing or temperament, the viability of our hopes and dreams. She is forever watching, waiting, blessing and supporting us. All she asks is that we do the same, honouring her as partner in the shaping and formation of our lives.

Sarah Varcas

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