12th November 2015 – 9th May 2017: North Node in Virgo

by Sarah on 09/11/2015


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Heaven on Earth


Sarah Varcas


The North Node’s presence in Virgo signals the need to ground ourselves above all else. To reconnect with the earth element from which we are formed, embracing our body as a gift from the divine, our planet as our Mother and the material world not as a distraction from spirit but as the very realm in which we meet and then express our formless Self.

The North Node is a signpost to our highest expression and greatest fulfilment. It sits opposite the South Node – our most precious gift or biggest obstacle, depending how we play the cards we’re dealt! The Virgo/Pisces axis reminds us that in the pursuit of perfection we unavoidably encounter imperfection, and at the heart of oneness we must confront the stark isolation of ego. The South Node in Pisces bids us let go all that takes form in this world, allowing ourselves to melt into the divine, whilst the North Node in Virgo reminds us we’re in physical bodies for a reason, which isn’t to escape them as quickly as possible!

With the current Saturn/Neptune square teaching us all about embodying spirit and spiritualising the material, the Moon’s nodes affirm that without this inner recalibration we cannot fulfil the current evolutionary imperative. We are being told in no uncertain terms that none of this is actually about us as individuals. It’s about what we, the collective, must do to change the vibration on this planet and usher in the Aquarian Age. Whilst we each experience these energies in the profoundly personal world of our individual lives, we are all petals on the blossoms of awakening, unfurling in the light of a new and vibrant dawn. We must each open in our own way, reflecting the uniqueness of personal circumstance whilst contributing our fragrance and hue to the breath-taking awakening occurring far and wide.

During the North Node’s journey through Virgo we’re reminded that we are both the minutest part of an enormous whole and utterly essential to its perfection. The grace of Virgo, which bestows humility and devotion, can be easily lost in a fog of judgement and comparison. We wonder are we good enough, perfect enough, did we mess up just then, say the wrong thing, miss a cue and get our timing wrong? We must stay alert to this shadow aspect of Virgo, for it can spin out of control before we’re even aware. Avoid the mistake of seeing perfection as something we strive for and instead recognise it as something we already are, just waiting to be known. In this recognition is found the freedom to simply be. By releasing ourselves from the treadmill of self-criticism and non-acceptance we can more readily devote our lives to the collective awakening that honours Mother Earth and brings all her children back home.

The story goes that when the Buddha became enlightened he touched the earth and asked her to bear witness to his awakening. This is a poignant and powerful image for the North Node’s journey through Virgo, for our planet does indeed witness our every thought and deed, feeling and action. She watches and waits, shifts here and settles there, sustains, challenges and supports us as we journey onward. But we can all too easily forget that the pavement beneath our feet is her skin and the air we breathe her life-sustaining gift. We can readily remember our connection with the natural world when watching a sunset or when our breath is stolen by an awesome view. Less so in the hustle and bustle of city life or shut in an air-conditioned office five days out of seven! But wherever we are our Mother is with us, supporting us, sharing her energy and offering her bounty. A bounty long taken for granted and denigrated by the human greed for power and wealth.

It is time to look beyond ourselves and consider our impact upon the wider natural world. The devotion of Virgo is best used to honour the intricacy of all things and the symbiotic nature of life upon this planet. Not on the pursuit of a perfection whose parameters we ourselves have defined! By freeing up attention from the absorbing minutiae of our personal lives we can look more deeply into the life choices we make and their wider impacts upon our local and global environment, on life in its myriad forms and our beautiful planetary home. This is the task of the North Node in Virgo and never was it more vital than now.

Right now we are gifted the opportunity to know Mother Earth as ourselves and all life upon her as our relations, their hearts inseparable from our own. In this deep communion with nature we know our body as the temple in which we worship her, our life as integral to the ecosystem that sustains our planet, and our world as the setting for a sacred love affair which calls forth deep knowing of our earthbound but heavenly home.

Sarah Varcas

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