Venus in Virgo

30th August 2019: Super New Moon in Virgo at 10:38 a.m. UT

by Sarah 28 August 2019

      Beautiful Flaws By Sarah Varcas   This super new moon in the 7th degree of Virgo – conjunct Venus, Mars & Mercury – is a cleansing moon. Virgo is a deeply healing sign imbued with ancient knowledge often lost to us in favour of modern reductionist approaches to health. Whilst different models […]

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July 2018 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 30 June 2018

      Truth Found in Darkness By Sarah Varcas All dates are UT so may vary in your time zone   July is a month of deep inner movement which, like a quake far below the earth’s crust, may well shake foundations, but is less likely to bring the structures of our lives crashing […]

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28th – 30th October 2015: Mars and Venus Cross Solar Eclipse Degree from 13th September 2015

by Sarah 27 October 2015

      Being Both Yin and Yang By Sarah Varcas   The solar eclipse on 13th September 2015 offered a game changing shift of consciousness, fostering appreciation of our unity over and above the pursuit of individuality and personal recognition. It illuminated the web of life which connects us not only with each other but […]

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23rd / 24th October – 22nd November 2015: Sun in Scorpio

by Sarah 20 October 2015

      Smoothing the Journey By Sarah Varcas   The Sun enters Scorpio at 5:48 PM UT on 23rd October. Signalling a month during which emotions will run deep but healing even deeper, the passage of the Sun through the sign of the Scorpio encourages honest assessment of our lives, to identify where the […]

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8th/9th October – 8th November 2015: Venus in Virgo

by Sarah 5 October 2015

  Image: “Invitation to Knowledge” by Gary Rosenberg   Compassionate Intimacy By Sarah Varcas   Venus enters Virgo at 5:30 pm on 8th October 2015 UT. Conjunct the Moon as she changes signs, this is a deeply personal Venus who bestows upon all a compassionate embrace. As the only planet to change signs this month, […]

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25th July – 6th September 2015: Venus Retrograde (mostly) in Leo

by Sarah 21 July 2015

      Independently Entwined By Sarah Varcas   Whilst Venus spends the vast majority of this retrograde period in Leo, she actually shifts direction in Virgo. In this detail lies hidden the key to her entire retrograde journey: it’s all about the nuances, not the bigger picture. Venus in Leo is flamboyant and demonstrative, passionate […]

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23rd / 24th July 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 20 July 2015

      A Reassuring Challenge By Sarah Varcas   The quarter moon occurs in the first degree of Scorpio at 4:05 a.m. GMT on 24th July. It’s a powerful one, enhancing the positive thrust of the Sun’s entry into Leo the previous day. The combination of fire (Sun in Leo) and water (Moon in Scorpio) […]

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18th / 19th – 31st July 2015: Venus in Virgo

by Sarah 14 July 2015

  Image: “Echo Chamber” by Gary Rosenberg   The Creation Game By Sarah Varcas   Venus enters Virgo at 10:39 pm GMT on 18th July. In preparation for her retrograde journey (beginning on 25th July) she’s moving slowly, remaining in Virgo’s first degree before returning to Leo. When a planet lingers in a degree before […]

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July 2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 29 June 2015

  Image: “Starfall” by Gary Rosenberg   Flexible Preparation By Sarah Varcas   The energy of the coming month is hard to pin down. Just when we feel we’ve ‘got’ what’s needed and know how to proceed it will slip through our fingers and we’ll be left wondering what just happened. Certainty is in short […]

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22nd/23rd September – 22nd/23rd October 2014: Sun in Libra

by Sarah 18 September 2014

      Love and Other Reasons by Sarah Varcas   The Sun enters Libra at 2:30 am GMT on 23rd September. In doing so it shifts its radiance from the Virgoan realm of service to the Libran world of relationship. But with Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, still in Virgo as it does so, we […]

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