23rd / 24th July 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah on 20/07/2015


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A Reassuring Challenge


Sarah Varcas

The quarter moon occurs in the first degree of Scorpio at 4:05 a.m. GMT on 24th July. It’s a powerful one, enhancing the positive thrust of the Sun’s entry into Leo the previous day. The combination of fire (Sun in Leo) and water (Moon in Scorpio) is not immediately compatible. Fire dissipates water into steam. Water suffocates fire’s flames. On the surface they don’t get on too well, but with both currently aligned with Venus in Virgo, we have earth to contain the alchemy, enabling productive interaction and positive progress.

Occurring at a time that increasingly requires action rather than imagination, this quarter moon further encourages us to embark on the first steps of new enterprises. It is both a challenging and reassuring Moon. Challenging because we may have to deal with some powerful feelings that threaten to hold us back, and reassuring because we can find the strength to deal with them and continue on. A Scorpio Moon can unleash some imposing emotions: fear, despair, depression, resentment. They make daunting company. But this Moon balances them with insight, endurance, the courage to look into the darkness and stare down the shadows, fortifying our hearts and minds for the path ahead. In its square to the Sun in Leo we find the strength and courage needed to do exactly that, drawing ourselves up to our full spiritual height. Stepping out even as we quake within. New beginnings often require risk, which is certainly true right now. At this point the risks aren’t huge but they are significant: the risk of trying something new, breaking an old pattern, exposing our hopes and dreams to the judgement of the outside world. These are not life-threatening earth-shattering risks but they do require courage and fortitude, commitment to stepping up no matter how intensely we want to hide. Actions taken around the time of this Moon can clear the immediate path ahead of more crippling fear which could trip us up if not addressed now.

Venus in Virgo supports this Moon and lightens its load. If feelings overwhelm she’ll help us sort through them, pointing out the flaws in our thinking and highlighting where careful attention will nurture the green shoots of change. She reminds us that everything has the potential to flourish, be it good or bad, positive or negative, creative or destructive. Our task is to nourish what nourishes us in return, to cultivate confidence, positivity, appreciation of the tiny steps we make every day towards our goals. Venus reveals the alchemy of attention to detail which illuminates the backdrop of our lives. We may well say our affirmations every morning, but if they come from a tired heart that can’t feel their truth the dissonance between our words and feelings will confuse, not clarify, our intent. We may be working incredibly hard to bring into being our heart’s desire, but if the work is fuelled by anxious fantasies of it never quite being enough, we’ve depleted our creative power before we’ve barely begun.

This Moon highlights where we are incongruent from the inside out, doing or saying one thing whilst feeling another. It reminds us we cannot simply quell our emotions and force them to behave. Sometimes we must learn to act in the face of fear. At others we must listen to the inner anxious voice, embrace it, trace it back to its roots allowing it to speak fully and release its pain. Either way Venus can help us identify what’s needed and why. Do we simply get on with things regardless of the butterflies of fear or the nausea of anxiety, knowing that the very act of taking charge will loosen their grip? Or must we listen more closely and honour their message, even as we assure them all is well?

Any uncertainty around at the time of this Moon comes with equal strength to face it and move on. That movement may be outward, forging ahead despite our fears, or it may be inward, to discover what will still our troubled mind. Either way our actions and decisions are potent, laying foundations for the coming weeks in which heightened activity will deliver fresh rewards. This Scorpio Moon speaks of the feelings that accompany an expansion of horizons and our response to the challenge of change. If we worry we’ve not got what it takes she tells us we’re wrong. It’s all a matter of knowing our fear and acting anyway, allowing its icy tentacles to melt in the light of our Sun.

Sarah Varcas

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