18th / 19th – 31st July 2015: Venus in Virgo

by Sarah on 14/07/2015


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Image: “Echo Chamber” by Gary Rosenberg


The Creation Game


Sarah Varcas

Venus enters Virgo at 10:39 pm GMT on 18th July. In preparation for her retrograde journey (beginning on 25th July) she’s moving slowly, remaining in Virgo’s first degree before returning to Leo. When a planet lingers in a degree before changing direction, it carries an important message. When that degree is the first of a sign, that message is amplified many-fold: a new beginning is on the horizon, the opportunity to wipe clean past slates and start afresh. Once Venus’s retrograde passage is over (beginning of September) we can step into the new with clarity and purpose that’s been lacking of late, further crystallised when she returns to Virgo in the first week of October. In the coming fortnight we can reflect on our relationship with new beginnings: how we approach them, what we offer, what we take, our attitude of heart and mind. In doing so we lay more groundwork for the coming shifts which favour considered action, focused intent and commitment to a new cycle of growth.

Venus in Virgo is intensely care-full in a beautifully graceful way. She honours the purity at the heart of all things, the divine spark within that can never be sullied. She lives in tune with natural rhythms and knows the deep peace of accepting that all things must come into being, flourish, wither and die. She takes equal pleasure in the harvests of our lives when we reap the fruits of efforts made, as in the silence of winter when life, like the earth, withholds its bounty for warmer times. Venus in Virgo sees beyond loss and decay into the very heart of creation, knowing its vibrancy as her own. She celebrates its shifts and changes, the perfection of each stage and the resplendent beauty of the whole, in full knowledge that harvest is followed by barren ground and decaying matter fertilizes new life.

As Venus lingers briefly in Virgo before returning to Leo at the end of this month, she reveals the interplay of myriad cycles in our lives. Each day we arise anew, not the person we were yesterday, nor the one we’ll be tomorrow. Unique in each moment and yet held together by the shimmering threads of yesteryear woven through our souls. She bids us weave the future into the present and emboldens us, in her own quiet way, to use fresh colours, different stitches, new, shiny needles or looms as yet unused. In Virgo’s creative chamber of possibility Venus reminds us this is play not work, art not labour. Here we imagine the future into being, knowing it not as make-believe fantasy but as reality, to be fulfilled when the time is ripe.

In Leo, Venus insists we celebrate ourselves without hesitation. Her brief sojourn in Virgo potentises that celebration, birthing its fruits of confidence and commitment to living life anew. She offers fresh perspective on our potential and a new angle on our future even as she calls our attention into the present, exhorting us to begin here, where we are, taking one step at a time into the life that awaits our transformation.

During this fortnight, reflection on how we approach new beginnings will be richly rewarded with important insight. This Venus sees clearly and appreciates the intricacy of what she beholds: the subtle nuances of attitude that hold us back, the habitual thoughts that challenge our hopes with cautionary tales, the overly-confident vision which fails to spot the pitfall just ahead. She is gently adjusting our attitude, bringing into alignment our feelings, thoughts and behaviours to enable us to begin afresh in the most effective and efficient way possible. We need the confidence of Venus in Leo, yes, but we also need the graceful care of Venus in Virgo, attending to the details, identifying each step and reminding us that even the smallest action, the briefest thought, the most fleeting feeling can be a powerful act of creation.

Venus is never one for hard work no matter what sign she’s in! She knows the pleasure of creativity, the beauty of becoming, the sensuality of life lived fully, free from fear or denial. What seems like a mighty task becomes a creative spree turning distant futures into present realities. In Virgo she reminds us creation’s a game and it’s time to play. If it feels like a chore we’re doing it wrong. She invites us now to lighten our load and delight in all we behold.

Sarah Varcas

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