28th – 30th October 2015: Mars and Venus Cross Solar Eclipse Degree from 13th September 2015

by Sarah on 27/10/2015


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Being Both Yin and Yang


Sarah Varcas

The solar eclipse on 13th September 2015 offered a game changing shift of consciousness, fostering appreciation of our unity over and above the pursuit of individuality and personal recognition. It illuminated the web of life which connects us not only with each other but with our past and future selves, alive within us now. It was a powerfully karmic eclipse clearing much, albeit in what may have been traumatic ways. The influence of an eclipse often continues throughout the following six months and this one is no exception, with further activation by both Mars and Venus this week, followed by Jupiter in November and next February. However we experienced the eclipse time, the integration of its impact continues and we have yet to fully grasp the enormity of its role in our lives.

Mars and Venus have been engaged in an alchemical dance throughout this year. As the archetypal masculine and feminine, they often work together to establish balance and encourage a rounded approach to our lives and loves. In 2015 they share the same degree three times – in February, September and the beginning of November. The first of these meetings signalled the birth of a new paradigm in terms of our relationship with the sacred feminine and masculine, within and without. The burgeoning Aquarian Age requires that we question evermore deeply the gender-biased assumptions and dictates which negatively shape behaviour, expectation and perceived worth. Finding ways to see beyond such apparent polarities whilst honouring the sacred essence of our gendered experience is now vital, as is a collective commitment to rethinking the expression of polarised identity in a world on fire with unresolved conflict.

How we do this begins with ourselves and our inner relationship with the yin and yang of creation. If we tend too far towards Venusian expression we may unwittingly live out the plans others have for us, or meet their needs at the expense of our own. If we tend too far towards Mars we may end up isolated from those around us, forging our own path ahead by sheer force of will whilst failing to recognise that what we gain in perceived progress we lose in connection and intimacy. We each have an inner masculine and inner feminine and honouring their imprint in our lives is an ever more vital task. No matter who we are, we embody both ends of the spectrum: the receptive and nurturing, wild and vital feminine and the pro-active and assertive, unbounded and decisive masculine. Bringing these internal forces into balance enables us to express them externally. We are no longer bound to one polarity by virtue of our physicality but can expand across the spectrum of sacred gender to embrace the hidden and disowned aspects of our own psyche whilst creating space for others to do the same.

As Mars and Venus cross the eclipse degree just prior to their final conjunction, they share their energy with us. First Mars motivates us to take the action required by the eclipse and then Venus affirms the importance of rest and relaxation, self-care and love to facilitate the process of deep change in our lives. We need to be both resolute in our penetration of all that hinders awakening, and deeply committed to kind-hearted intimacy with ourselves and each other, to value the restorative balm of pleasure and recognise that timely rest can be as creative as action, and compassion can be the most transformative force in a world too quick to judge and condemn.

It is time to embrace polarity, not adopt ‘either/or’ identifications to which we rigidly cling. Whatever we’ve been dealing with since the September eclipse, Mars and Venus empower us to be flexible in approach and open to change, embodying responses required by the moment, not shaped by unquestioned mores and assumptions of an old and out-moded age.

Sarah Varcas

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