8th/9th October – 8th November 2015: Venus in Virgo

by Sarah on 05/10/2015


We must be quiet to hear her voice. Easily drowned out by the roar of the world, she requests our careful attention to her message of encouragement. She senses where we need it and why, how life seems to have let us down and all that’s required to turn things around.
Image: “Invitation to Knowledge” by Gary Rosenberg


Compassionate Intimacy


Sarah Varcas

Venus enters Virgo at 5:30 pm on 8th October 2015 UT. Conjunct the Moon as she changes signs, this is a deeply personal Venus who bestows upon all a compassionate embrace. As the only planet to change signs this month, her message is of particular importance. No longer roaring in Leo, her softer voice is easily drowned out by the buzz of the world. We must listen carefully to receive her pearls of wisdom, for she knows where we need them most and why. Her intimate knowledge of our lives makes the details specific and no two will receive the same advice from this wise and loving friend.

In Virgo, Venus is careful and kind, responsible and pure of intent. Her aspiration is a neatly ordered world in which everyone is cared for and healing is intrinsic to the very fabric of existence. She attends to the minutiae often overlooked and knows the beauty of the whole is born of all things in their right place. As she casts her careful gaze upon our lives she sees with clarity where imbalance and unrest deny us peace, recalibrating misalignments within and without.

We all know where these imbalances can be found, even if we act like we don’t! Our job that leaves us frustrated; the relationship that makes us question our worth; that habit we hide from others, swallowing ever more deeply its attendant toxic shame. We are rarely blind to where change is overdue, but we may live as if we are, hoping rigorous denial of uncomfortable truths will quash the nagging doubt and frustration of life denied. As Venus travels through Virgo she points to the heart of our dis-ease, guiding us from numbing denial of our soul’s voice, towards the joy of embracing its wisdom in a spirit of open trust.

Squaring Saturn as she enters Virgo, Venus knows the stifling fear of change that bubbles beneath the surface. In the coming month life may provoke it, not to scupper our efforts but to fortify us for the path ahead. We must know fear to heal it, look it in the eye and call it by name. Our instinctive avoidance of its icy grip serves only to secure its power in our lives, shaping decisions and constricting potential from behind a wall of denial.

Venus teaches, now, the healing power of compassionate intimacy with our shadow selves. As she bears witness to personal anxieties and collective trepidation, she affords us the quiet courage to boldly accept where once we would flinch and deny. She reminds us we are not vulnerable victims but sovereign souls, fuelled by grace and divinely ordained. In the coming month and in her own quiet way, she strengthens our hearts, heals our minds and waters the green shoots of change.

Sarah Varcas

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