30th August 2019: Super New Moon in Virgo at 10:38 a.m. UT

by Sarah on 28/08/2019


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Beautiful Flaws


Sarah Varcas

This super new moon in the 7th degree of Virgo – conjunct Venus, Mars & Mercury – is a cleansing moon. Virgo is a deeply healing sign imbued with ancient knowledge often lost to us in favour of modern reductionist approaches to health. Whilst different models of healing have their place, this moon favours holistic systems, inviting us to regain balance, energy and health through their application. This is not about quick fixes, but a reminder that everything that enters our body – be it food, drink, air, drugs, sound or energy – impacts our well-being at all levels. The more conscious we can be of this the more carefully we can choose what we expose ourselves to and why. Beware, however, accepting any statement of ‘fact’ at this moon without analysing its meaning, source and application. Asking ‘who tells me this is so and why?’ can be a useful start to exploring the options available.

In its alignment with Mercury, Venus and Mars, this supermoon illuminates self-knowledge which allows for greater clarity in communication. But pay close attention to the motivation for speaking your mind! Assuming we have a right to say whatever we choose to anyone because ‘I’m just speaking my truth’, may become a subtle form of aggression at this point, intended to hurt or gain one-over on another. Used in this way, communication contributes little to greater accord or understanding. Recognising that however we feel doesn’t absolve us from the shared duty of mutual respect and consideration aids honest and meaningful connections which take account of other’s feelings, our own subjectivity and a shared pursuit of more abiding truths.

This moon also fortifies our connection with Mother Nature who will provide all the support we need. Our beautiful planet calls to us now, offering wisdom and guidance, solace and comfort. A single dewdrop on a leaf, a flower growing through a crack in the wall, a bird circling above us as we rush through city streets – all are our Mother assuring us we’re not forgotten and imploring she not be forgotten too. While many are busy and there’s much to be done, nurturing our connection with nature enables not only a deeper and more heartfelt response to life, but also greater clarity and effectiveness. Aligning the pulse of our life with the rhythm of the natural world allows a smooth and effective flow of energy which connects us to the deeper rhythms of wakefulness and sleep, activity and stillness. The more we isolate ourselves from life’s heartbeat, the more we’re drained of the energy needed to live it. Like a torch with flat batteries, we can’t summon the power to shine when we must, instead becoming a fading light in a world that needs us bright.

This supermoon illuminates the perfection found at the heart of our apparently imperfect lives. When resistance to unwanted conditions seems to strengthen their grip, embracing them may allow for rectification. This is how love changes all things: in acceptance, a deeper alignment is forged with the natural arc of change that bends towards balance and wholeness. In the Virgoan realm, truth is found in the paradox that holds perfection and imperfection in a state of creative tension. But its human face can become nit-picking perfectionism, demanding exactitude and purity from self and others: we believe that life should be better, things should be more ordered, other people more careful. So beware an obsessive focus on minutiae now. Whilst seductive, it will do no more than obscure deeper, more radiant truths. Instead, observe how your own search for truth manifests. Does it energise and inspire you to greater self-enquiry? Or does it stultify your spirit, paralysing you in a maze of demands and dictates, obsession over detail and fear of letting your perceived imperfections show? If so, gentle and loving acceptance may be the very thing which finally allows old issues to resolve.

Attention to detail can reveal incisive truth or create information overload! We must know when to stop questioning as much as when to start; when to cease improvements and when our best is yet to come. At this moon we may view the world through a microscope that magnifies the faults in its shiny veneer, when we could simply marvel at life’s miracles and accept with good grace its many beautiful flaws.

Sarah Varcas

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