faith and hope

9th September 2016 – 10th October 2017: Jupiter in Libra

by Sarah Varcas 8 September 2016

      Beyond the Watershed By Sarah Varcas   Jupiter enters Libra on 9th September 2016. Spending about a year in each sign, its entry into a new one signifies a shift in terms of how we make sense of the world and our experience within it. We have had the opportunity to learn […]

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10th – 23rd April 2015: Asteroid Vesta Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

by Sarah Varcas 8 April 2015

      Life Needs Time and So Do We By Sarah Varcas   Asteroid Vesta and Neptune join forces in the 9th degree of Pisces. They remind us that getting to know ourselves inside and out requires steadfast commitment and dedication in excess of what we first imagine. The excitement and exhilaration of initial […]

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1st – 10th April 2015: The Sun Conjunct Uranus & Squaring Pluto

by Sarah Varcas 1 April 2015

  Image: “New Horizons” by Gary Rosenberg.   Choosing A Courageous Start By Sarah Varcas   As the lunar eclipse approaches, the Sun begins to dance with cosmic heavy weights Uranus and Pluto. The recent solar eclipse brought to completion a lengthy cycle of time, wiping the slate clean of missed opportunities and paths not taken. Whilst […]

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14th December 2014: Waning Quarter Moon in Virgo

by Sarah Varcas 10 December 2014

  Image: “Creation” Window, Chester Cathedral, UK   Meeting Ourselves in the Divine By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs at 12:52 pm GMT in the 23rd degree of Virgo. Within hours of the Uranus/Pluto square, this Moon reminds us how important it is to pay close attention to how we manage our energy […]

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11th – 17th December 2014: Jupiter Trining the Sun

by Sarah Varcas 10 December 2014

  Image: “Energized” by Gary Rosenberg   Surrendering to Hope By Sarah Varcas   Jupiter in Leo trines the Sun in Sagittarius: both occupying each others’ sign, this aspect comes as a blessing in the run up to the Uranus Pluto square. When planets work together in this way they can express their highest potential […]

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22nd November – 21st/22nd December 2014: Sun in Sagittarius and a New Moon

by Sarah Varcas 19 November 2014

       Awakening No Matter What! by Sarah Varcas   The Sun enters Sagittarius at 9:39 am on 22nd November GMT. This may come as something of a relief to those who have found all the recent planetary activity in Scorpio burdensome. The Sun shines bright in a fire sign lifting the spirits more […]

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9th – 13th October 2014

by Sarah Varcas 8 October 2014

      Living the Post-Ecliptic Life by Sarah Varcas   As we find ourselves in the wake of the eclipse we may be wondering what hit us or, alternatively, what hit everyone else! As mentioned previously, the impact of this eclipse will take several months to unfold, but in the immediate term we may […]

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13th September – 26th October 2014: Mars in Sagittarius

by Sarah Varcas 11 September 2014

       And All Will Be Well by Sarah Varcas   Mars enters Sagittarius at 9:58 pm GMT on 13th September. This shift of the most fiery planet into a fire sign is something to celebrate at this point, for in doing so it unleashes optimism and up-beatness, lifting us out of any emotional […]

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12th – 15th August 2014: Beneath a Waning Moon

by Sarah Varcas 8 August 2014

      Trusting our Inner Compass by Sarah Varcas   As the Full Moon fades we may be left with many questions and few answers. It may feel uncomfortable but it’s pretty much where we should be at this point. Which isn’t to say if you’ve got it all figured out you’ve got it […]

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2nd/3rd December 2013: New Moon in Sagittarius

by Sarah Varcas 2 December 2013

   Image: Rassouli ‘Immortal Knight’    Lighting the Lamp of Hope By Sarah Varcas   This New Moon in Sagittarius (occurring at 00:23 GMT on 3rd) provides a perfect opportunity to embrace the wisdom gifted to us at the weekend. Whatever response we received to our questions the Moon invites us now to have faith in […]

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