14th December 2014: Waning Quarter Moon in Virgo

by Sarah on 10/12/2014


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Image: “Creation” Window, Chester Cathedral, UK


Meeting Ourselves in the Divine


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs at 12:52 pm GMT in the 23rd degree of Virgo. Within hours of the Uranus/Pluto square, this Moon reminds us how important it is to pay close attention to how we manage our energy at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We cannot afford to slack in this endeavour for energy left to run amok when two heavyweights like Uranus and Pluto are at loggerheads can do some serious damage! This Moon allows us to cleanse our energy field simply by withdrawing from the fray for a while and allowing things to settle inside of us. We are heading towards the New Moon now, a natural time of retreat, but the powerful pull of current cosmic alignments may well be drawing our attention outwards, hooking us into the dramas of our own and other peoples’ lives. This Moon gently tugs on our sleeve and whispers that we don’t need to go there if we don’t want to. That we can simply step back, observe but not react, receive but not grab, walk away but not reject. This Moon offers another way and encourages us to take it.

A Virgo Moon always carries cleansing energy. She seeks purity of intention and unfettered truth. This is a holistic Moon who knows without doubt that all things are connected and nothing can be done which does not affect the whole. When under stress, however, she can lose herself in too much detail and disproportionate attention to flaws and failings or she may look so closely that the bigger picture is lost. Such stressors may well be present at the time of this Moon hence the need for sharp awareness and careful attention to where we invest our energy at this point.

The good news is this Moon is aligned with the Jupiter/Sun trine and thus contributes to the current revelations on hope and faith. She gently encourages us in our acceptance of the present moment and enables us to look deeply into it, no matter its form or feeling. She assures us that by doing so we do not risk self-destruction or the horror of overwhelm by a world on its knees. Instead we are deeply supported now, to look without being drawn in, to embrace without being engulfed, to be present without being contaminated by pain, stress or the longing for so much to be different. The gentle shimmer of this Quarter Moon is cast upon the conditions of the world, of our lives and our hearts, offering the grace to know them more deeply.

The nascent hope present now is born of just this kind of attention: careful but not imposing, steady but not forced. The more we can simply be with conditions within and without, the more deeply those very conditions can speak to us, revealing their message, their teachings, unveiling the parts of ourselves which must be brought out to meet them. The challenges of life are not life going wrong but life doing what it must: growing, evolving, expanding. The sharp corners and harsh surfaces of our existence challenge us to dig deeper, to discover inner depths we never knew we had, to develop skills and abilities, knowledge and wisdom we would never have encountered otherwise. Without the call to go deeper, into ourselves and the divine, we would remain uni-dimensional living life in black and white, oblivious to the multitude of colours awaiting our gaze.

In conversation with an elderly Carmelite nun many years ago I told her of the deep sadness and despair which was arising in my times of meditation and prayer. ‘You are simply diving more deeply into god my dear!’ she replied, ‘and in god we meet all of ourselves, including the parts we care not to meet elsewhere’. Her words have returned to me many times over the years for it seems always to be true that to know the divine we must know ourselves more fully, which inevitably entails embracing the parts we would rather did not exist! This Virgo Quarter Moon assures us that it is safe to know god/dess in all its fullness even though it means knowing ourselves in that same fullness too. As we dive more deeply into the divine we dive more deeply into ourselves for we and the divine are one. The path to the truth is decorated with all that we are and this current time is one of seeing everything with our eyes wide open and our hearts ready to embrace whatever we find.

There is no reaction needed, no decision to be made, no choices to perplex our minds, only this moment of intimacy with all that is, with the divine mother and father, the very ground of our being. The more deeply we can rest there as the cares of the world swirl around our heads and hearts, the more we can experience the truth of ourselves which seeks to be known at this powerfully revealing time.

Sarah Varcas

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