12th – 15th August 2014: Beneath a Waning Moon

by Sarah on 08/08/2014


 The Path Ahead


Trusting our Inner Compass


Sarah Varcas

As the Full Moon fades we may be left with many questions and few answers. It may feel uncomfortable but it’s pretty much where we should be at this point. Which isn’t to say if you’ve got it all figured out you’ve got it wrong, only that if you haven’t that’s absolutely fine and there’s no need to panic! The questions themselves may feel different though. The Full Moon energies, if worked with consciously, had the capacity to open up inner spaces which had not seen the light of awareness before. They were shining through us into the darkness of denial and suppression. No wonder, then, that now we may find ourselves questioning what and who we think we are and where we think we are going.

Such uncertainty can feel burdensome. How we long for clarity and resolve, knowing where we’re headed and how we intend to get there, packed with all necessary supplies for the journey and raring to go! Few people really enjoy the ‘standing in the middle of the desert’ part, with no idea where we are, where we’re headed or even which direction to choose, let alone where the nearest water source is! It’s not comfortable and it’s certainly far from reassuring, but right now the heavens are not offering reassurance so much as opportunity to discover just how blinkered our outlook has been before, even when we thought our mind had opened up!

A sextile between the Sun and the Moon’s North Node acts as our compass at this point. ‘Follow the path of greatest ease’ it tells us, whilst Jupiter and Neptune remind us to be careful how we define what ease is! If we pursue what feels best from an ego point of view: where we feel most comfortable, unchallenged, in control, we run the risk now of slipping back to where we were in mid July, prior to this most recent opportunity to dig deeper and understand more about who we are and where we’re headed. Consideration of the issues raised by the Full Moon on 12th July may be useful if this is the case. If, however, we define ‘ease’ as when we feel the most alive and in flow with change as it happens all around us, then we are on the path set out before us by the heavens.

In practice this path may take many forms. Perhaps we know we really need to move on from this job / relationship / home / country / state of mind etc., but we have no idea where we should go. Our mind may tell us ‘You can’t do anything until you’ve got it all planned out and fool proof’. The heavens, on the other hand, say ‘Good! You’re over the first hurdle of realising what needs to change. Now the next one is acting as if that change is going to happen’. That could mean looking for a new job, considering where a new home needs to be, identifying what’s not feeding us in our relationship and deciding how to change it. As we engage with our situation in this way we will begin to feel an upwelling of energy and enthusiasm, which will grow as we head in the right direction and wane as we don’t. This is our compass and the more we learn to follow it the more accurate our life choices will become!

So this ease about which the cosmos speaks is not comfy, relaxing and safe ease. It’s exciting, energising, a bit scary, a lot unknown but nonetheless seductive ease. It paints for us the next step on our path, the next stage of our journey and invites us to jump on board with it, equal partner with the universe as our future is created moment by moment. It comes as Venus enters Leo which is a nice touch, lightening our hearts and helping us see the more playful side of life’s challenges. So if things are feeling tough and you’re overwhelmed with what life is asking of you, remember, the changes afoot are akin to re-writing a script, sharpening the plot line, developing the characters in a more fulfilling way. The old script would have worked, sort of, in a lifeless, disappointing but predictable kind of way, but this rewrite is going to make all the difference and once completed life will be so much more fulfilling, fresh and hopeful than before.

‘Don’t give in or give up hope’, the heavens tell us now. Don’t collapse in the face of all that has to be done or withdraw out of fear. Stand firm, stay focused, look for the fun and let life itself speak about what happens next. You may just be very pleasantly surprised!

Sarah Varcas

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