13th September – 26th October 2014: Mars in Sagittarius

by Sarah on 11/09/2014


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And All Will Be Well


Sarah Varcas

Mars enters Sagittarius at 9:58 pm GMT on 13th September. This shift of the most fiery planet into a fire sign is something to celebrate at this point, for in doing so it unleashes optimism and up-beatness, lifting us out of any emotional sludge we may still be wallowing in at this point. If we choose to accept Mars’s invitation we could find the next few weeks characterised by positive change, not necessarily in practical terms but in terms of our attitude towards the circumstances of our life. Indeed, this is often the most powerful change, for as much as we would all love to have everything drop into place and live happily ever after, in a universe as complex as ours and on a planet with so many individuals striving for their own version of satisfaction, external changes can be slower to arise. A change in outlook and attitude, however, can transform the landscape ahead and create the fertile soil for the growth of new life as soon as is practicable.

This shift of attitude requires faith: another great Sagittarian attribute. We must be prepared to stay positive when things look bleak, focused when giving up seems more sensible. We must hold out hope and honour our vision for the future by investing it with meaningful action in the present. We must strive to maintain our up-beatness! And if we commit to doing exactly that now, we will reap the energetic results of doing so throughout the coming month and a half, especially at the Lunar Eclipse on 8th October GMT, a particularly liberating and powerful time. So between now and then we have a fabulous opportunity to find out just how positive we can keep ourselves, no matter what. Now this doesn’t mean we have to start cheer-leading or walking around with a big fake grin everywhere we go. We each do positivity in our own way, but the more we can find that authentic place of hope within, the part which knows that no matter what we will be okay, life will sustain us through even the darkest and most shocking times if we let it, the more peace and faith we will experience in the coming weeks. Faith and hope breed faith and hope, just as fear and despair breed their own.

Shifts of Mars are of particular significance these days because it rules Aries, the sign through which Uranus, the planet of the New Aquarian Age, currently travels. As such Mars sets the scene in which Uranus does its thing, and what Uranus is doing for us these days is facilitating quantum shifts of energy, perception, experience and understanding. As Mars travels through the zodiac, which it tends to do fairly rapidly, varying aspects of our experience are highlighted for Uranian treatment. In Sagittarius we have the chance to apply Uranus’s awesome power of total shift to our goals and aspirations, our level of faith and our ability to recognise the overall patterns at play in our lives so as to incorporate them into the very fabric of our plans, not try to pursue our plans by skirting around them!

Sometimes when I write I experience a ‘felt sense’ of the energy that will come in with the aspects I’m writing about. As I write these words I feel a rush of excitement, a feeling of ‘no holds barred’ all will be well. I sense a rise of optimism and hope and an experience of solid faith in a higher power and a greater plan whose coding is embedded deep within each one of us just waiting to be discovered and then revealed to the world at large. This energy is now with us as a backdrop for a few weeks to call upon whenever we want. It doesn’t come with a promise that we’ll get our way and everything will be as we desire. Instead it assures us that no matter what, there is hope. Whatever happens we can rise up through it and be fulfilled. However life manifests, we can tap into the flow of promise and potential which energises the very heart of the universe and ensures all things are in their right place at the right time. As the Christian mystic Julian of Norwich once wrote, ‘All will be well, and all will be well and all manner of things will be well’. As Mars enters Sagittarius he most certainly agrees!

Sarah Varcas

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