11th – 17th December 2014: Jupiter Trining the Sun

by Sarah on 10/12/2014


Jupiter in Leo, Sun in Sagittarius, faith, hope, deep truth, present moment living, acceptance, managing the mind
Image: “Energized” by Gary Rosenberg


Surrendering to Hope


Sarah Varcas

Jupiter in Leo trines the Sun in Sagittarius: both occupying each others’ sign, this aspect comes as a blessing in the run up to the Uranus Pluto square. When planets work together in this way they can express their highest potential and when the Sun and Jupiter are involved they simply want us bright and buoyant, riding the waves of life, not sinking beneath them. This aspect encourages us not to lose faith or hope, but to remember that all things change eventually and life is never quite what it seems. Asteroid Ceres sits next to the Sun until 14th December, reminding us we are held in the arms of the Great Mother at all times. She takes many forms, from Mother Earth to Mother Nature to Mother Mary. She is the goddess and the crone, creator and destroyer. The divine feminine joins with the divine masculine in this alignment and together they embrace us, lifting us up into wholeness.

When we think of hope and faith, of the nurturing power of the divine which guides us through life, we tend to think in terms of hope IN something: that we will achieve our goals, that our relationship will survive, that we’ll get that job we long for or simply do things differently this time around. We tend to be forever goal oriented, with hope always focused on a subject. But as recent years have demonstrated, the future has an alarming and/or exciting tendency to disregard our rules or satisfy our desires simply because we think it should! Life has its own plans and tends to get its way in that respect! Sometimes they coincide with ours, other times less so. When the latter occurs we risk losing hope, believing it to be misplaced or naïve. We become jaded, hopeless, cynical. The thought of holding out for a better outcome in future may look like more naiveté and we won’t make the same mistake twice….

Right now we can embrace a different type of faith. Not one which prescribes outcomes and prays for their manifestation; nor one that expects fulfilment of desire as reward for being a good ‘spiritual person’. This faith is born of a deep inner knowing that what happens does so because, given the myriad conditions present in every moment throughout our vast but interconnected universe, it couldn’t not happen. Just as the Sun must rise each morning and set at the end of each day, this present moment, however it appears, is exactly as it must be whatever we think of it. If we can accept its shape and appearance, embrace its very texture, we will come to know this fact as deep truth. We will sense the ease that arises from accepting the present exactly as it is rather than evaluating it against our idea of how it should be. In embracing the present in this way we become such a dynamic and integral part of it we can contribute our own energy and resonance into the mix, vibrant and connected, not resisting what is but flowing with it, adding to it, changing it by the very quality of our presence.

This is how we evolve: not by struggling to manipulate the world to do what we want, but by understanding that the world does what it must in each moment and we can become a living, breathing, shining speck of life within it that adds its own unique vibration into the mix. Such is the nature of deep faith: knowing without a doubt that what must be will be, that resisting the present is a pointless waste of energy, and that by embracing it we are already changed – as is life – and all things, including ourselves, are in their right place.

It takes courage to embrace this kind of faith. It requires surrender to the way life is, which is easily done in the good moments but a powerful challenge in the painful ones. It requires a deep knowing that what and who we really are cannot be broken by life only revealed in ever more vibrant ways. This hope will never fail us for it is born of wisdom and faith invested in the truth, not an egoic sleight of hand. The heavens urge us to know the truth and in it find the security we seek as we recognise that everything is simply as it must be and our very presence is part of what makes it so.

Sarah Varcas

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