1st – 10th April 2015: The Sun Conjunct Uranus & Squaring Pluto

by Sarah on 01/04/2015


Choosing A Courageous Start


Sarah Varcas

As the lunar eclipse approaches, the Sun begins to dance with cosmic heavy weights Uranus and Pluto. The recent solar eclipse brought to completion a lengthy cycle of time, wiping the slate clean of missed opportunities and paths not taken. Whilst this may have felt like a loss of hope to some, the Sun now reminds us that hope lives eternal, it simply changes shape as life does and dwells in different places.

We are never without hope if we care to seek out its company. Saturn now in Sagittarius teaches us this, providing the courage to continue on even when hope seems lost. It enables us to find it in the darkest of places discovering, perhaps, that it is stronger and more enduring there. We are currently receiving significant information about how to best proceed in the earliest stages of this new creative phase. They highlight the power of self-determination, the willingness to be changed in ways we may not have anticipated and the preparedness to allow loss in order for space to be created for the new. These planetary messages may sound and feel familiar, but this time around we are starting afresh in a new energetic cycle. What it will bring as it anchors in may be difficult to envisage at this point, but as the long-standing Uranus/Pluto square releases its grip upon us, change takes on a different hue. Its appearance may be unrecognisable for while. We may even find ourselves mildly bored as nothing too much seems to be taking place. In fact we are simply more familiar with inner shifts and outer reorganisation now. What once threw us for months is somehow digested in the blink of an eye and life goes on unfettered.

There is something of a limbo feel currently, which will gradually lift as the lunar eclipse does its thing! The Sun’s current engagement with Uranus and Pluto offers the opportunity to claim the final echoes of their power and apply it consciously to our present moment. We may already have a sense, a faint inkling, of what this new cycle could bring but can’t for the life of us envisage how. In the first ten days of this month we have the opportunity to clear the decks of those things we see standing in the way of change. We can call upon the alchemical power of Pluto which can burn to a cinder all that obstructs, allowing new potential to arise from the flames, and Uranus which liberates us from all notions of limitation in the blink of an eye. The heavens challenge us now to act on our inner knowing, to heed intuition and follow its guidance no matter how scary doing so may feel. A show of courage so early in a new cycle signals to the universe we are ready to step up and do what’s necessary to advance current evolutionary process.

The cosmos reminds us now that spiritual warriors come in all shapes and sizes, living all kinds of lives. They may not be obvious to others or even to themselves. Every person who stands firm in their truth, who says ‘no’ when the world demands ‘yes’, who speaks out even as their knees tremble or stays silent to listen to the whispers of their heart, is one. A spiritual warrior allows something other than convenient ease, social acceptance and security to shape their choices. They choose another way and look into the face of the unknown as they do so. The Sun and Uranus recognise them and wave hello, for they know those who live in this way will be blessed with freedom beyond measure in due course. Every step taken to free ourselves from an old bond, every effort made to stay true in the face of challenge and act on inner guidance no matter how off-the-wall it may seem, enables our further strengthening and hones our focus with greater clarity and wisdom.

It comes as a gift, this particular alignment, for it reminds us we are the arbiters of our own progress. We can choose to claim hope when it seems lost, to free ourselves when trapped and to embrace change even when the outcome is unclear. The heavens work with us always, nudging here, guiding there, challenging us to wake up and pointing towards truth. The journey has its ups and downs. Many times we might prefer to get off and walk at our own pace, or hop aboard a faster vehicle when the going looks good. But amidst it all we hold enormous power to bring about change and signal to the cosmos that we are ready to receive whatever comes our way.

Openness of heart and an unfettered mind is of great value now as we embark upon a new cycle. Like the first few days after birth, we are particularly vulnerable to the imprint of prevailing energies, receiving them in their purest form. The more we can single ourselves out as the warrior we are, the better the universe can support us in our quest and flood our life with the courage and power that we need. Right now the cosmos is listening, taking note, gathering our own unique energetic imprint as the fuel for future creations. The more we remember this the more efficiently we can shape our future right here in the present, by embracing fear, embodying courage, and claiming hope, ready for the unseen path ahead.

Sarah Varcas

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