January 2016 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 29 December 2015

    Preparing to Begin By Sarah Varcas   2016 may get off to a slow start. We may even be tempted to write off January before we’ve given it a chance! If so, don’t! Granted, it’s not the most upbeat and inspiring start to a new year, but the overall feel, this month, of […]

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23rd / 24th July 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 20 July 2015

      A Reassuring Challenge By Sarah Varcas   The quarter moon occurs in the first degree of Scorpio at 4:05 a.m. GMT on 24th July. It’s a powerful one, enhancing the positive thrust of the Sun’s entry into Leo the previous day. The combination of fire (Sun in Leo) and water (Moon in Scorpio) […]

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April – October 2015: Black Moon Lilith in Virgo and Libra

by Sarah 8 April 2015

  Image: “To Free Herself” by Gary Rosenberg   Power in the Raw By Sarah Varcas   Black Moon Lilith is the point on the Moon’s orbit furthest from Earth. She moves forward and then backward spending two or three weeks in each direction, occupying two signs during a period of a few months and […]

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28th March – 9th June 2015: Asteroid Vesta in Pisces

by Sarah 25 March 2015

  Like Pebbles in a Pond By Sarah Varcas   As asteroid Vesta enters Pisces she asks where our true commitment lays, then waits patiently for an answer. It may not come immediately. With all the emphasis on living authentically brought to bear since the solar eclipse, we may also be wondering this very thing! […]

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26th/27th March 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Cancer

by Sarah 25 March 2015

  Reverse Chameleon By Sarah Varcas   The Quarter Moon occurs in the 7th degree of Cancer at 7:44 GMT on 27th March. It brings wisdom on how to live this physical life in a spiritual way. Two realms which seem so different, yet we live in both, simultaneously. This Moon reminds us that conscious […]

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12th/13th February 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 11 February 2015

  The Fingerprint of Truth By Sarah Varcas   This Quarter Moon takes us into the world of feeling where we sacrifice reason in favour of a deeper ‘felt sense’ of life and its meaning. There is nothing to be understood at this point. We can let go our need to know, to gather ordered […]

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24th December 2014: Pluto Opposing the Black Sun

by Sarah 23 December 2014

      Illuminated Darkness By Sarah Varcas   Pluto is currently approaching exact opposition to the Black Sun, culminating at the beginning of January. They have been engaged in just this cosmic dance all year and will continue to be throughout 2015. However, this current opposition is of particular significance, occurring a few weeks […]

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23rd December 2014: Saturn enters Sagittarius

by Sarah 17 December 2014

      Evolution or Entropy? By Sarah Varcas   Saturn will be in Sagittarius until June 2015 when it returns to Scorpio for its final brief visit. This point in the cycle of Saturn is a time to take stock of all we have learned in the previous two years. It is time to […]

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4th – 25th October 2014: Mercury Retrograde

by Sarah 1 October 2014

  Image: “I Dreamt a Skewed Landscape” by Gary Rosenberg   Beginning Again by Sarah Varcas   Mercury stations retrograde at 4:57 pm GMT on 4th October. Forget all the bad press you hear about Mercury retrograde being nothing but a pain. This Mercury is an ally of the best kind as it alerts us to […]

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7th November 2013 – 6th March 2014: Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer

by Sarah 7 November 2013

  Time for Self-Reflection by Sarah Varcas   Today Jupiter begins its annual retrograde journey, this time through the sign of Cancer. The usual enthusiasm and outward thrust of Jupiterian energy turns inward at this point and we may find certain projects and plans slowing down in their development and progress. But this is no […]

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