12th/13th February 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah on 11/02/2015


The Fingerprint of Truth


Sarah Varcas

This Quarter Moon takes us into the world of feeling where we sacrifice reason in favour of a deeper ‘felt sense’ of life and its meaning. There is nothing to be understood at this point. We can let go our need to know, to gather ordered information into beliefs we can expound. Right now we can simply be and allow our intuitive heart to speak in its own language of sensation and symbol. This is the world of the sacred and we are plunged deeply into its mysteries, not to claim as our own but to become them, experiencing ourself as the deepest mystery of all. In the realm of this Moon we encounter ancient wisdom whispered through our inner knowing which defies words and yet carries meaning beyond measure.

This meaning we can know only for ourselves. No one can tell us. It is deeply personal, to be encountered in the silence of our own heart as the Moon fades to dark and we drift into the shadowlands for renewal. The wisdom of this Quarter Moon speaks in ways only we can understand and its message may mean nothing to another. But none of this matters, for this is a time of deep intimacy with the divine in which we encounter truths resonant only with our life and circumstances. The constellation of events, people and circumstances of which we are a part offers up its secrets now, in response to challenges which may feel untimely. As such our first response may be irritation before we recognise the wisdom at the heart of what feels like an obstacle or looks like an imposition. Whatever happens now is a portal to wisdom itself, personalised for our own needs and eager to be known in the silence of our own hearts.

Often the greatest challenge on the spiritual path is how to incorporate its truths into everyday life. It can be tough to cross the apparent divide between the mundane passage of time and the eternal present. We can easily feel we slip back out of the sacred and into the everyday, desperately trying to claw our way back when we can. But this perception is a lie. The sacred is everywhere and ever-present, within and without. We simply resonate with it, or not, as we go about our day, at times connected and aware, at others numbed to the hum of the divine in each cell of our being, focused instead on the distracting mundanities of mind and heart. Either way the sacred goes nowhere. It simply waits, ever present and eternally patient, until we turn our gaze within once more and recognise that nothing can separate us from the very source of life and love.

This Quarter Moon reminds us that sacred truths can be as individual as a fingerprint and as universal as the air that we breathe. It doesn’t matter what anyone else makes of our deepest knowing about our own life. It doesn’t even matter if we never tell a soul. All that matters is that we listen with an open heart to the knowing that arises within and its own specific language saved especially for us. For some it may be a physical sensation which alerts us to the truth, for others symbols and signs occurring throughout a day. For some there is simply a moment of knowing that which was previously out of reach, or a sense of lightness when a truth is encountered that can change our world around.

The truths which arise in our lives, born of its personalised ebb and flow, speak to our unique path as much as to the collective journey home. This Moon is a time of just such personal truths which can place the past into a context exclusive to us and keep us focused on our own individual path ahead. We have nothing to explain to another, no justifications to make. These are private truths born of our own karmic field and unique resonance. They may be the complete opposite to those of someone else, for truth can take as many shapes as there are people even as it is simply one ultimate truth for all.

As we approach the New Moon in a week’s time we can reflect upon the wisdom of this Quarter Moon which reminds us that the feel of our life from the inside is the very language through which wisdom emerges in our life. We can simply know without reason or words, recognising that the sensation of truth is more tangible than any thought or conversation we can have about it. When we know we simply know. And the value of what we know rests in the acceptance of those truths which defy words or logic but which still the heart and sharpen the mind.

Wisdom speaks now, into our lives and hearts, especially for us in ways only we can know. The most personal truths may not be for sharing, but they will illuminate our life nonetheless and we can rest sound in the knowledge that embracing those truths will take us deeper into the divine in which all truths eventually merge.

Sarah Varcas

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