26th/27th March 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Cancer

by Sarah on 25/03/2015


Reverse Chameleon


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs in the 7th degree of Cancer at 7:44 GMT on 27th March. It brings wisdom on how to live this physical life in a spiritual way. Two realms which seem so different, yet we live in both, simultaneously. This Moon reminds us that conscious evolution is not from matter into spirit but a deeper, fuller embodiment of spirit within matter. We are here to anchor the celestial realms into the physical plane. To live our spirituality in the very fabric of our everyday and often mundane lives. Only then can we call upon their power within us, in full knowledge that being human is not an obstacle to our awakening but the very vehicle through which it occurs. As we approach the lunar eclipse on 4th April it is important that we grasp this fact and live it to the full.

At the time of this Moon, the Sun and Saturn reveal the tendency to split ourselves into any number of pieces, each hermetically sealed from the rest. We struggle to find a place for our spiritual beliefs in our work-life, for our love of football in our healing circle. In the coming weeks we may become increasingly aware of how we are one thing to one person and something else to another, hiding and revealing aspects of our nature as we see fit; maintaining the image we think we should have, shaped by the various environments we move in every day. Like a chameleon we change our shade for survival and no one, including ourselves, really sees our true colours.

For chameleons it makes sense. They have predators waiting to turn them into dinner. For us less so, but we still do it! The instinct for survival in so-called ‘modern society’ is just as strong as when we lived in caves. It has merely shifted its focus from staying alive to staying acceptable. As a consequence it can feel like death, being ridiculed for our beliefs or dismissed as crazy because we dare to question the status quo. In the past being different has often had fatal consequences and for millions in the world right now it still does. But for many these days, the fear of revealing who we really are, what we truly think, and being judged accordingly continues to evoke such mortal dread we allow it to suffocate us into silence.

This Moon asks us to lift that silence, to dare to be ourselves. And to do it in honour of those who cannot, for real fear of death. To recognise how blessed we are if we face only ridicule or rejection, not torture or our ultimate demise, for our beliefs. As we stand up to be counted, stand tall in the face of a society that shouts at us the opposite, we contribute to a groundswell of authenticity that will grow and grow, increasing into a tidal wave of truth which can shift the status quo. It isn’t easy for sure. Truth can change us and our lives from the bottom up, but the heavens align now to usher in a new age of deep truth in plain sight. However the truth of who we really are shapes our lives is how they need to be shaped. It may challenge and test us, but ultimately it simply liberates and allows the collective evolution to ever gather pace.

This Moon seeks reverse chameleons, prepared to stand out for what they believe; to honour truth revealed, not keep it hidden in their hearts like buried treasure, gazing upon it with wonder in private whilst denying it in public. Bringing ourselves and our lives into alignment in this way is an act of radical revolution, for it challenges so much widely accepted as truth. It raises uncomfortable questions and breaks through convenient assumptions. When we reveal who we are we must live according to that revelation. This takes faith and trust, courage and fortitude. In the face of such an exhortation we may discover not only that we fear the judgement of others, but also our own inability to follow through. It is one thing to hold a certain world view, quite another to proclaim it and be held to account! This Moon poses the question: Do we live according to truths revealed? Or are we the prime detractor of our own wisdom? And what is wisdom, she asks, if not lived and breathed?

With Saturn now in Sagittarius we must each live our truth and embrace the consequences. Raise the authenticity stakes and break through to a new level. We must live our spirituality in this material world and embody it in all that we do, not seeing ourselves as ‘better than’ or ‘more advanced’ as a result, but simply being who and what we are, embracing spirit in the physical and recognising the physical itself as the divine. Separation and compartmentalisation is over now. It has to be. This is an age of truth, whatever that may mean for you and me. The cosmos bids us be who we are and see what happens next…

Sarah Varcas

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