28th March – 9th June 2015: Asteroid Vesta in Pisces

by Sarah on 25/03/2015


Like Pebbles in a Pond


Sarah Varcas

As asteroid Vesta enters Pisces she asks where our true commitment lays, then waits patiently for an answer. It may not come immediately. With all the emphasis on living authentically brought to bear since the solar eclipse, we may also be wondering this very thing! It is one thing telling ourselves we are this, that and the other, quite another revealing it to others and being held to account! As signified by the recent Quarter Moon, this is a time of testing, of sorting the wheat from the chaff and discovering who has the spiritual mettle to stand up and be counted; a time of revelation in which it is we who are revealed, our true selves discovered perhaps for the very first time, brought out into the soft light of a new day.

In Pisces, Vesta knows that without benefit to the collective our efforts are in vain. We cannot isolate ourselves from the whole and still expect to thrive. The consequences of who we are and what we do reverberate throughout the cosmos and beyond. Every thought, word and deed is another pebble dropped into the collective energy pool, creating ripples which spread forever outward. In the coming months we can observe those ripples and contemplate their impact. Vesta invites us to recognise our power, even in the little things. A smile shared with a stranger, a moment to pick up litter, a prayer whispered for a friend. All of these have meaning and consequence, just as the big things do. We simply cannot act in isolation anymore. If we lived the rest of our days alone on a desert island, the manner in which we did it would contribute to the evolution, or otherwise, of this planet and all who live upon her.

Being human comes with great responsibility and never more so than now. It demands of us commitment and courage, strength and sacrifice. The wisdom required to do it well is all around but we must claim it as our own, allowing it to arise within as we digest each life-experience to reveal its heart of deepest truth. Here lies a precious opportunity to discover exactly who we are, not who we believed ourselves to be. If we claim to be one thing but live as another, propound beliefs not manifest in our life, this is a time of adjustment, a time to see ourselves as we really are and take stock accordingly.

It is not beliefs that make us, but actions: what we say and do, the values by which we live each day. Vesta in Pisces fills our hearts with compassion. The challenge then is to live it, to remember all living beings who suffer in ways we can barely imagine. To behold our awe-inspiring planet and all who live upon her, knowing that we are, each and every one, part of an ecosystem which must remain in balance and harmony for any and all of us to thrive. We can no longer afford to allow our blinkered egoic vision to simply ignore anything outside the world of ‘me and mine’. Human beings have done this for too long and now we find ourselves on the brink of who knows what, with conflict, unrest and natural disasters gathering a pace.

Vesta in Pisces asks us to reflect on what truly matters, to see ourselves as part of something vast beyond measure whose choices touch the lives of every single creature on this planet. Such contemplation can cause overwhelm at the suffering all around. But Vesta knows that a dedication to heal this world through healing ourselves, to garner peace by living it and bolster wisdom by embodying it, means every moment of our lives creates a ripple that will change the future for the better, a future reshaped in every moment as we bring to bear upon it the most conscious self that we can be.

Sarah Varcas

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