April – October 2015: Black Moon Lilith in Virgo and Libra

by Sarah on 08/04/2015


Black Moon Lilith, Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, Black Moon Lilith in Libra, embracing the shadow, knowing the self, deep truth, spiritual courage
Image: “To Free Herself” by Gary Rosenberg


Power in the Raw


Sarah Varcas

Black Moon Lilith is the point on the Moon’s orbit furthest from Earth. She moves forward and then backward spending two or three weeks in each direction, occupying two signs during a period of a few months and gradually moving forward through the zodiac. By the end of March she had entered her new cycle, leaving Leo behind to occupy Virgo and Libra until the end of October. Black Moon Lilith speaks of power, raw and vital, unmitigated by outside forces. She fills us with steadfastness, placing iron in our soul which will stand up to any onslaught of judgement or condemnation, calamity or trauma. She reminds us that we are as much a part of nature as the elements. We channel the same forces that cause the earth herself to break open, volcanoes to erupt and tsunamis to wash across the land. At our core we are this raw power: the force of All That Is, following its own nature.

So often we fear this power and it is little wonder. When Lilith rises up we feel the awakening of forces within which threaten to break ourselves and our world apart. We come face to face with our own capacity for destruction: our rage, rebellion and refusal to be tamed. Whilst exhilaration is a natural part of this process, there is also deep fear inbred through generation upon generation. Fear of what happens when we’ve finally had enough and refuse to ‘play the game’ anymore!! Human beings have a long and bloody history of oppressing those who dare challenge the status quo and inevitably many hold back from doing so because of this. But Lilith remains none the less, resting in wait for her time, reaching out her hand to those who know the moment has come to stand up and be counted.

Awareness of Black Moon Lilith is growing these days. More and more people know her name and seek her guidance. Increasingly we are awakening to her power within, the untamed force of nature coursing through our veins. In doing so we must learn to honour this inner might, for whilst we may at first experience her as a destructive force, she seeks only to destroy that which tries to tame the spirit and keep it small. Truth is, our spirits cannot be tamed. They are wild and free, boundless and infinite. They contain everything: good and bad, dark and light, creation and destruction. Black Moon Lilith is guardian of the spirit, keeping its flame burning bright when we refuse to tend it ourselves. She waits and knows that eventually everyone returns home to the inner blaze and sees her face in the dancing flames.

As Lilith shifts into this new cycle she invites us into her dance of opposites in the realm of relationship. We cannot, she reminds us, share ourselves fully until we know ourselves fully, and we cannot know ourselves fully if we will not look without guile at who we truly are. Lilith does not break us apart to reveal the lie (we’ve got Pluto to do that!). She is what happens once we know truth and can no longer live the lie anymore. Black Moon Lilith is the force of radical truth within us. Truth that can be neither shaped nor sanitised. It is what it is. We are what we are. And Lilith embraces each and every bit of us with lustful joy and shameless abandon.

Fear of Lilith and all she represents is sucking the life out of the human race. In denying her we deny our very lifeblood, the beating heart of passion which guides us into the deepest and most potent expression of our essence. Without Lilith by our side as we journey onward we are half dead, seeking spiritual sustenance in a pretty box with a bow on top. Lilith throws back her head and cackles at our obsession with spiritual hygiene, our desire to sterilise our true nature as we stamp out with the boot of denial those aspects of our psyche we wish would hurry up and leave. ‘Embrace them all!’ she cries, ‘every last bit of misanthropy and ugliness, jealousy, resentment, spite, deception and rage. All of it!’. If we can’t do that we can’t be free. We are forever fragmented, broken, twisting ourselves into knots trying to be what we are not. The only way to unleash the creative power of Lilith is to know her destructive side and make it our own, acknowledging her life within us, the destruction we can enact, the emotional, mental and physical violence we can do to ourselves and each other. This is who we become when we refuse to be what we are: powerful and free, sovereign and self-determined. Lilith wants us alive and awake not dozing off in a haze of sanitised spirituality and prayers for an ‘easier’ life. With Lilith in charge, no longer are we bound by convention and shaped by circumstance. We are free, pure and simple, to be what and who we are.

Black Moon Lilith reaches out to us now, her voice getting louder, her face within view. She is all that we are and everything else. There is nothing she doesn’t know, hasn’t been, won’t embrace. She has seen it all and then some. She bids us see it too, if we want to truly live and be free.

Sarah Varcas

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