23rd December 2014: Saturn enters Sagittarius

by Sarah on 17/12/2014


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Evolution or Entropy?


Sarah Varcas

Saturn will be in Sagittarius until June 2015 when it returns to Scorpio for its final brief visit. This point in the cycle of Saturn is a time to take stock of all we have learned in the previous two years. It is time to put that learning into practice, threading it through the foundation of our lives to ensure we reap the rewards of embracing deeper and more enduring wisdom. Between now and September 2015 when Saturn enters Sagittarius properly, we can reflect on what we have learned about ourselves, our relationship with fear and the karmic footprints that we leave through our own and other people’s lives. We can discern the truths which rest at the heart of recent experiences and decide how best we can live those truths to their fullest.

In Scorpio, Saturn revealed our deepest fears and our most potent self-sabotage techniques, especially those which foster victim-consciousness and an unwillingness to release beliefs about ourselves which hold us back. The potency of Scorpio, rooted in the darkness of our unconscious and liberated by the light of awareness, is subverted by Saturn into denial, defensiveness and projection. Just as Scorpio exhorts us to embrace our true power, both destructive and creative, Saturn demands that we recognise our present experience to be the consequence of past actions and decisions. This can challenge even the most ardent spiritual seeker. Sometimes life simply feels out of our control. Any notion that we can influence its many aspects to better fulfil our needs appears simply naïve.

Which of course it is. We can’t possibly control every aspect of life. Other people, government institutions, political systems, those with power over us that can be brought to bear in devastating ways, illness and those random occurrences that throw our lives into chaos, these are just a few of those things in the face of which we can feel completely powerless. But the message of Saturn in Scorpio is this: by embracing our own power and recognising our own capacity for both using and abusing it, we can come to know ourselves as the raw, primal energy force that we actually are, experience our inborn capacity for creativity and connect with those parts of ourselves isolated and disenfranchised by denial, avoidance and defensiveness. Saturn in Scorpio reminds us that no matter how much we may complain about it, sometimes we choose helplessness to avoid acknowledging the choices we do have and the risks that making one entails. It shows us where we demand guarantees before we act and reminds us that requiring certainty in a world of infinite possibilities is simply churlish! These past couple of years have demanded of us resilience the likes of which we’ve rarely known and endurance akin to that of an ultra runner when we’ve felt barely able to keep everyday life ticking over!! It has been tough and we have had to toughen up to endure, but the more we have committed ourselves to the unremitting regime Saturn has put us through the more we can now reap rewards in the form of wisdom, insight and a deep, enduring patience which remains unmoved by the vicissitudes of the world around us. A profound inner knowing that all things arise in their own time and their own way. We must simply allow them to follow their own nature.

These are the truths which Saturn now takes into Sagittarius. Truths about timing – our own and that of the universe in all its complexity. Truths about power and what happens when we refuse to embrace it in favour of helplessness and victimhood. Truths about the nature of suffering and the contribution we make to it every time we demand certainty before we act and guarantees before we risk. In Sagittarius we must live these truths and put them to the test, standing by them even when the chips are down. These are not fair-weather spiritual platitudes to get us through a rough patch. They are profound reflections of the complexity of life and our place within it. They challenge the very notion of freewill even as they affirm its presence and demand that we exercise it well. As Saturn enters the sign of the archer we must take aim and commit to the goal of living the truth no matter how inconvenient it may be, of honouring the wisdom of life itself which is not for our personal gain but our collective growth. All things move towards evolution or entropy. The human race is at a tipping point now and we must each do our bit to decide its fate.

Sarah Varcas

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