18th/19th November 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Aquarius

by Sarah on 17/11/2015


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Into Life’s Rhythmic Dance


Sarah Varcas

The Quarter Moon occurs at 6:28 a.m. on 19th November UT in the 27th degree of Aquarius. As we leave behind the New Moon in Scorpio we are humbled by all it revealed, not least about our ability to enter the darkness and emerge from it once more, ready for action. This movement in and then out, close and then far, is the heart beat of life itself gently expanding and contracting within us. It is an ancient practice to watch the breath and calm the mind, for through the breath is revealed the very rhythm of the life force with its ups and downs, activity and rest, energy and exhaustion. Whilst we are often unconscious of its rejuvenating tempo, in its rising and falling the breath presents us nothing less than the energetic blueprint of creation.

This natural rhythm is reflected in this Quarter Moon, which gently encourages us to stick our nose outside once more, connect with the world around us and taste the renewal of the recent New Moon. Thoughts and plans that we come up with now can sustain us for some time to come if we use the energies well and resolve to keep our feet on the ground and our head in the clouds – earthbound and heaven focused – committed to embodying sacred spirit as our inner compass points the way. Navigating the material world doesn’t mean we can’t act on divine inspiration anymore than acting on inspiration means we cannot live in the physical realm. It is key to our fulfilment that we learn to be both fully embodied and fully in-spirited to facilitate all that must be born through us in these times of change.

When working with Aquarian energy it’s vital to maintain objectivity and question even our most cherished assumptions, especially about ourselves. It’s not enough to believe that we know better and already have life sussed. We must test out every belief, every assumption, against life itself and our experience of it. What was innovative once may well be old-school now and if we fail to recognise we’re no longer ahead of the curve we may miss out on deeper insight that will fuel our progress in the weeks to come. The burgeoning Aquarian Age will require great things from us: intense self-enquiry, unflinching authenticity, and a willingness to open our minds and hearts so wide that they can never be closed again. This Quarter Moon offers a taste of what’s to come with her challenge to both reach beyond familiar ground and hold ourselves to deep account as we do so.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, also speaks of rhythm at the time of this Moon. No matter how much we may want to forge ahead full steam, it encourages us to balance all efforts with rest, all reason with intuition, and all theory with experience. We cannot come at life in only one way, but must be increasingly prepared to take account of all the data, all the wisdom, all the experience available, both within and without. As our lives, our psyches and spirits are made new by the evolutionary thrust engulfing this planet, nothing can be taken for granted, assumed as ‘right and true’ or accepted as the only path into the future. Life ebbs and flows, shifts and changes. As must we.

This Quarter Moon reminds us that nothing is decided nor set in stone. Instead, all things are in a process of becoming and we are birthing our future in every moment of our present. The reflective space we can bring to this process is as important as the actions we take and the decisions we make: one moment stepping out, the next pulling back; one moment decisive, the next in doubt. Thus do we reflect the rise and fall of the breath, the beat of our heart, the rising and setting of the sun. This Moon invites us to feel the rhythm of creation in all that we think, all that we feel and all that we do. To stay flexible and questioning, open and free, knowing that the heartbeat of the divine pulses through all things, inviting us ever deeper into life’s rhythmic dance.

Sarah Varcas

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