Saturn Neptune Square

December 2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah Varcas 1 December 2015

      Within the Web of Awakening By Sarah Varcas   So, here we are approaching the end of another year. If you’re anything like me you’ll be wondering where on earth it went?! December begins, fittingly perhaps, with reflection and blasts from the past, reminding us that we don’t leave our former selves […]

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26th November 2015: Saturn Squaring Neptune First Exact Alignment

by Sarah Varcas 24 November 2015

      Coming of Age By Sarah Varcas   The first exact alignment of a lengthy aspect such as the Saturn/Neptune square lays the groundwork for the coming months. Whilst exactitude occurs at a moment in time, its influence continues, unfolding its fruits and challenges, graces and grievances, until the next square (June 2016) offers […]

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November 2015 – September 2016: Saturn in Sagittarius Squares Neptune in Pisces

by Sarah Varcas 3 November 2015

      Inside Out and Back To Front By Sarah Varcas   Welcome to the next major astrological event to shape our lives, ourselves and our world. Alignments such as this, between the slow moving outer planets, impact the very core of our being, catalysing irrevocable change. The previous such event – the much […]

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27th October 2015: Full Moon in Taurus

by Sarah Varcas 21 October 2015

      Testing Our Truth By Sarah Varcas   The Moon is full in the 4th degree of Taurus at six minutes past midday UT. Although in an earthy and grounded sign, she is highly energised and somewhat on edge. Feelings may run high, tempers flare and anxieties bubble to the surface, no longer […]

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28th January – Mid March 2015: Saturn Square Neptune

by Sarah Varcas 27 January 2015

      Inside Out and Back To Front By Sarah Varcas   Here we encounter the first flavours of the next major aspect to arise after the demise of the Uranus/Pluto square later this year. Whilst this newcomer doesn’t kick in completely until November, in the coming weeks we begin to get a feel […]

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January 2015 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah Varcas 30 December 2014

  Image: “Happy Thoughts” by Gary Rosenberg   Don’t React, Reflect! By Sarah Varcas   Energy builds in the sign of Aquarius as January progresses, offering a much needed mental spring-clean. Simultaneously an alliance between Uranus and the South Node reminds us it is sometimes the most familiar things which need discarding, whether our de-cluttering […]

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