12th/13th November 2015 – 3rd January 2016: Mars in Libra

by Sarah on 09/11/2015


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Alienation or Alliance


Sarah Varcas

Mars crosses paths with the North Node as he enters Libra and the node falls back into Virgo. In their brief alliance is born an agreement that for the next few weeks Mars will do his best to think of others, not be too rash and, generally speaking, do his best to get along. But it won’t be easy! It’s just not his way to accommodate and compromise, consider and reflect. He’s far more the ‘act first and think later’ (if at all!) kind of guy and Libra isn’t an easy resting place for this restless soul. Not to worry. At least he has Venus there for company until the beginning of December, so she should calm him down some.

For us, Mars in Libra may reveal the sharp edge of relationship, with apparent extremes of intimacy followed by estrangement, harmony followed by discord. As with all things Libran, he needs to find the balance point where others are met half way. But balance doesn’t come naturally to Mars so the extremes may seem particularly stark. Nonetheless, when hearts collide, creating something far greater than two individuals doing their own thing… that’s when we know that even in Libra, he can work his magic when we let him.

This passage of Mars can bring out the argumentative side of Libra, always wanting to put across the opposite point of view in the interests of fairness. Sometimes there’s a place for this behaviour. It serves as a reminder that life is rarely ‘this or that’ but is often ‘both/and’. We may take refuge in a moral position or belief that feels right to us and deem it right full stop, when its opposite, under other circumstances, may be equally true. Mars in Libra is acutely aware of this tricky side of life in which certainty is fragile and seeds of doubt are sown. He lives there, immersed in paradoxes and arguments, ‘what ifs’, ‘yes buts’ and ‘holy moly I can’t let you get away with thats!’. What he often forgets, though, is that not everyone’s in the same space. Many are not interested in debating the opposite view, seeing things from a different perspective and generally marvelling at how totally equivocal life is! Instead they want the security of certainty; their feet firmly planted in the soil of a clear moral position that catches them when they fall and keeps them warm at night. Which can make Mars in Libra’s eagerness to challenge and pose the opposite perspective seem unnecessarily obstructive, introducing discord where there need be none and argument where simply agreeing to disagree may have sufficed.

These kind of scenarios may arise in the coming weeks and it’s worth reflecting, if they do, on the value of argument or debate. Sometimes it will be necessary and have an important role to play. At others it may simply serve to alienate or isolate, introducing enmity where amity could just as easily reign. It’s really up to us how it all plays out. There’ll be plenty of opportunity to choose wisely, but doing so may entail allowing the ‘ego burn’ of not having our say sear through us, until it gives way to the peace of truly knowing that differing views are neither a threat to our security nor an error to be debunked!

We all see life through our own eyes and may struggle to see it through another’s. Mars in Libra reminds us that differences of opinion can be fuel for greater understanding or a barrier to peace and progress. Knowing which it’s going to be before we dive in with our opinion is a priceless skill to cultivate, made all the more valuable by the heavenly alignments at this time!

Sarah Varcas

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