25th / 26th November 2015: Full Moon in Gemini

by Sarah Varcas on 24/11/2015


Full Moon in Gemini, Saturn Neptune square, conscious relationships, knowing the mind, conscious evolution, unity consciousness, Mercury in Sagittarius, self-enquiry
Image: “Rainbow Lust” by Gary Rosenberg


On Asking Tough Questions


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is full in 4th degree of Gemini at 10:45 p.m. UT on 25th November. She speaks of paradox and contradiction; saying one thing and doing another; of hypocrisy, ‘do as I say not as I do’, ‘ifs, buts, maybes’ and a whole raft of other ways we come across as one thing when we may be someone else entirely!

A Gemini Moon is rarely predictable. Interested in this and then that, she casts aside the first thing in favour of something else that catches the eye. She is great at talking about plans, less good at implementing them. She will express her feelings but fail to process them, creating an oft repeated cycle of trigger-like reactions to life that are rarely explored deeply enough to change them. On the other hand Gemini Moon can swiftly assess a situation, take note of relevant data, cast aside the rest and move on better informed and more effective. At this Full Moon it is our choice whether we embody this more efficient side of Gemini or the more scattered and confusing one. Either is possible but the scattered one could wreak more havoc than we care to encounter right now!

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is our ally at this Moon. Working with Saturn, Neptune and Mars, it helps us glean the vital information we need to move forward in a positive way. The first exact alignment of the Saturn/Neptune square occurs about twelve hours after this Moon. This is significant, for she helps illuminate the key issues we’ll encounter in the coming year. Those activities, relationships, interests, behaviours and obsessions that have occupied our awareness up to this point must now be accounted for and evaluated realistically. If we’re stuck in a relationship that hurts because we believe it’ll eventually change, is our belief founded in reality or blind hope that helps us avoid the pain of loneliness or the terror of confrontation? If we’ve been telling ourself that we’re going to do ‘a, b or c’ once ‘x, y and z’ are sorted, are we really? Or are we just fooling ourself and everyone else? This Moon poses many questions to help us explore our perspective and look without guile at the truth of our lives and our lies, especially the ones we tell ourselves.

Even though her light is powerfully illuminating, we can still avoid her message if we want to, skimming the surface as Gemini is so happy to do. But why pass up a precious opportunity to gather vital clues for the path ahead and a fresh perspective on how we can walk it more fully? We may tell ourselves something so often it simply becomes the background music to our life. We hum along unconsciously, never really listening nor rewriting the lyrics to better reflect who we are. This Full Moon points directly to where we do that and why. Then Saturn and Neptune come along to dig us out of our hole and get things heading in the right direction. What a team! We should be more than grateful they’re on our side. No matter the challenges they pose in the short term.

If we use this Moon to ask ourselves tough questions and explore those familiar assumptions that keep us warm at night, we may just discover the very crux of our next step and why, up to now, it has eluded us. A new beginning is within our grasp, and our ability to make it our own is commensurate to our willingness to answer tough questions about the choices we make. This Gemini Moon bids us do exactly that, then Saturn and Neptune can provide what we need to begin afresh and choose again more wisely.

Sarah Varcas

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