Uranus Pluto Square

14th November 2014: Waning Quarter Moon in Leo

by Sarah 12 November 2014

      Tactical Withdrawal, No Bridges Burnt by Sarah Varcas   This waning Quarter Moon, the centre point between the Full and Dark lunar phase is conjunct Jupiter who enhances its energy and transforms it into something altogether more powerful than many such Moons. At this point in the lunar cycle, when her light […]

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November 2014 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 29 October 2014

        Inside Out Change by Sarah Varcas   My report for October highlighted the need for patience with life’s challenges and a willingness to make space for woundedness – our own and that of others- without having to jump in and ‘make things right’. This compassionate patience – holding a safe space of […]

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26th October to 4th December 2014: Mars in Capricorn

by Sarah 22 October 2014

      On Being a Practical Mystic by Sarah Varcas   As Mars travels through Capricorn we can realise some of our more practical goals. Forthright and pragmatic, committed and unswerving, Mars in Capricorn demands that we ‘just get on with stuff and stop pussy-footing around it!’.For those preparing for any of the various […]

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29th August 2014: Time to Reflect

by Sarah 28 August 2014

      Freedom, Healing & Responsibility by Sarah Varcas   Today marks the completion of a cycle which began at the Full Moon on 13th June 2014. Back then we were considering the reality of who we are as opposed to who we think we are or should be. Freedom was the watch-word and […]

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20th – 22nd August 2014: Simply Truth

by Sarah 14 August 2014

   Image: ‘Observation’ by Gary Rosenberg   Truth as Experience by Sarah Varcas   Truth! Ah…. There’s peace in that word. No more lies, no more confusion, no more uncertainty, just truth – pure, crystal clear, undeniable truth. As this week comes to an end the word truth is painted across the heavens like a […]

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22nd July 2014: Uranus Retrograde and the Full Super Moon in August

by Sarah 22 July 2014

   Image: ‘The Summons’ by Rassouli   In Preparation by Sarah Varcas   Just a heads up: Uranus stationed retrograde in the past few hours. It’s gotten a bit lost in the jubilation over Saturn stationing direct the day before, but it’s extremely important and we need to take note!! Not least because next month […]

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21st/22nd July – 21st/22nd December 2014: Uranus Retrograde

by Sarah 17 July 2014

      Cosmic Liberator by Sarah Varcas   Uranus stations retrograde in Aries at 10:33 p.m. GMT on 21st July. I mentioned its connection with the direct station of Saturn yesterday, as the two are inextricably linked. While Saturn approaches the completion of its journey through the landscape of shadows and fear, Uranus begins […]

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14th May 2014: Full Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 13 May 2014

  Image: ‘Portal of Perception’ by Rassouli   Release From Duality by Sarah Varcas   This Full Moon occurs on 14th May at 7:17 pm GMT in the 24th degree of Scorpio. It comes with a powerful message about how the mind works and the importance of understanding its twists and turns. We all have […]

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14th April – 22nd September 2014: Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

by Sarah 1 May 2014

  Image: Gary Rosenberg   Spotting False Selves by Sarah Varcas   During all that intensity last month Pluto quietly stationed in the 14th degree of Capricorn to begin its current retrograde passage. Most people know Pluto to be a planet of immense transformation alongside deep suffering, and in its on-going square to Uranus it […]

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23rd April 2014: Cardinal Grand Cross

by Sarah 23 April 2014

    Cosmic Square Dance by Sarah Varcas   I promise I will stop talking about the Cardinal Grand Cross (also known as a Grand Square), just not quite yet! Here’s the chart again, as a visual aid. The four sides of the square are (not surprisingly) known as squares and the two central diagonal […]

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