14th November 2014: Waning Quarter Moon in Leo

by Sarah on 12/11/2014


 Quarter Moon in Leo, Jupiter in Leo, Uranus square Pluto, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, conscious relationship, healthy ego, managing conflict


Tactical Withdrawal, No Bridges Burnt


Sarah Varcas

This waning Quarter Moon, the centre point between the Full and Dark lunar phase is conjunct Jupiter who enhances its energy and transforms it into something altogether more powerful than many such Moons. At this point in the lunar cycle, when her light is fading and she is retreating back into darkness, we are encouraged to release and let go, allow accumulations of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, things and associations to fall away as we turn inwards. On this occasion however, this energetic trend comes with a caveat: remember that what we release at this point may need to be reclaimed the other side of the New Moon (22nd November). No matter how much we may feel inclined to burn bridges now, we would be wise to hold off for awhile and see what the coming days bring.

Which doesn’t mean we shouldn’t release accumulations of stale or stuck energy in whatever form we sense it around us. We may well need to withdraw for time alone, go our own way or pull back from the world, but in doing so it is important that we maintain some measure of connection rather than cutting all ties that bind. At present, with the Uranus/Pluto square approaching exactitude in a month’s time, egoic energy is rising upwards within the collective making us all more sensitive to apparent affronts to our identity and self-definition. Alongside this we are reminded that nothing is sacred, and with Uranus and Pluto in charge again the less attached we can be to who we think we are and what we feel defines us, the better! This Quarter Moon comes to remind us that ego in itself is not wrong, misplaced or in need of destruction, it’s what we do with it that matters, how we use it to navigate the world around us and how we manage its interface with the egos of other people.

Given the cocktail of energies right now we may run the risk of flying off the handle in reaction to other peoples’ behaviour and ending up hurting ourselves far more than anyone else as a result. Of course, far better not to hurt anyone anyway, but if we allow ourselves to act out of anger, hurt or revenge at this point we will most likely discover ourselves in our own firing line, not someone else, for we are being shown at this time just how much other people mirror our own psyche. We cannot blame, judge or attack another without doing the same to ourselves, and whilst ego often acts in defensive ways to keep us safe and secure, at this point we’d best keep a close check on what we’re doing with ours.

When energies are mounting as they are now we can very easily be swept up in collective trends of thought and emotion without even realising what’s happening. There can be an almost trance-like quality to it, where we suddenly find ourselves engulfed by passions and priorities that were not prevalent for us previously. Our frustration with an annoying work colleague becomes rage at their inability to get things done. Our sadness over what felt like a small loss becomes mind-numbing grief. Our hopes for a more positive future become a burning desire to escape the present immediately. The likelihood of being swept up in collective energy fields of emotion and reaction will increase in the coming weeks so staying present to what is, rather than what our mind claims to be happening, will be a very useful ability to have!

None of which is to say that passions and emotions are wrong, simply that we may be more susceptible to carrying them for the collective rather than simply as our own piece of the puzzle, and the weight of collective feeling and energy can be quite something to bear. It takes a lot of skill to manage well. When our egos are in charge we can all too readily interpret life as an attack or a threat in some way, to ourselves, our identity, our safety and security, to our own sense of personal identity. And when the ego is under siege it often attacks, in words, actions, behaviour, directly or indirectly. Or it withdraws, which is often a less obvious form of attack! Trouble is, at this point, with everything that’s flying around in the ether, we may be inclined to attack or withdraw from the very things or people we actually need around us in due course. Hence the current need for restraint, awareness, consideration and reflection before we respond. Retreat to reflect, calm down, think things through is fine. Withdrawal to make a point, hurt someone else, communicate our displeasure without having to commit to words, these are all the kind of things that will backfire big time right now.

So whilst this Moon comes with a warning about how best to behave, it also comes with an opportunity for timely insight. If we can recognise now how we operate when we feel under siege, we can be far more alert to the twists and knots in our own psyche as the energy builds in the coming weeks. That way we can use the rest of this year to rise above the fray of egoic demands and take back control over ourselves, our lives and our destiny. We can take ego along with us of course. We are all of us someone and that’s okay! But as long as it knows WE are in the driving seat, embodying our spirit and highest self, and ego is along for the ride to help out when appropriate, all will be well, no matter what occurs around us.

Sarah Varcas

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