26th October to 4th December 2014: Mars in Capricorn

by Sarah on 22/10/2014


 Mars in Capricorn, Uranus square Pluto, Uranus in Aries, commitment and focus, blending the mundane with the divine


On Being a Practical Mystic


Sarah Varcas

As Mars travels through Capricorn we can realise some of our more practical goals. Forthright and pragmatic, committed and unswerving, Mars in Capricorn demands that we ‘just get on with stuff and stop pussy-footing around it!’.For those preparing for any of the various religious and spiritual festivals celebrated by many faiths and beliefs in the coming months this is rather handy as it gets us focused and down-to-earth to deal with the practicalities and arrangements. But on a broader scale we have here a fine opportunity to get down to brass tacks and deal with some of the more mundane issues that need addressing before we can manifest our bolder hopes and dreams.

As Mercury has been revealing to us the enormity of the universe and ourselves within it, Mars can’t be doing with all that stuff at the moment and wants to bring us back down to earth with a bump! It doesn’t have to be this way though. We have the opportunity now to share ourselves between these two experiences, gradually bringing them together into one moment, one space, to realise that we can be cosmic beings doing the laundry, the two aren’t mutually exclusive! Mars in Capricorn can only see the practicalities, but as Mars enters this business-like sign the heavens whisper of new possibilities and perspectives. It doesn’t have to be an ‘either/or’, splitting ourselves between two worlds, living in one whilst wanting to be in another. Every day life can feel incredibly heavy, petty and challenging when we sense the possibilities of another way. It’s easy to feel that the potential of peace, of spiritual awakening, unity with All That Is, is a special pleasure reserved for rare moments when we can step out of the fray and drink from the well of the Divine for a while. In the coming weeks we have an opportunity to shift that belief and live with both feet in the world and out of it at the same time.

As ruler of the sign Aries, Mars has great influence over the current journey of Uranus through the sign of the Ram. Uranus is currently ‘squaring up’ to Pluto once more for the next exact connection between them due in mid December. This on-going square between Pluto and Uranus, active since 2012, has shaken up so much on a global and personal scale that life prior to it seems like a distant memory for many people. We are approaching its end now, but Mars is eager at this point to make sure we get as much out of it as we can. It may seem like an odd concept, to ‘get as much out’ of something which has seemingly shattered many peoples’ lives and demanded most of us go way beyond where we thought we could survive, but the potential gifs of this time are manifesting now and we can act to make them more concrete, more sustainable. Mars in Capricorn will help us out with this, enabling us to stay grounded and do what’s needed to get to where we’re headed whilst continuing to know ourselves as so much more than simply you and me doing what we do to get by.

So if we have a dream, an aspiration, a niggling feeling that we should be somewhere else, doing something different or simply focused on our lives in a different way, now’s the time for us to turn that sensation into reality, not all at once, but step by step with no excuses inbetween them! Mars is getting his hands dirty with the day to day realities of money, work, possessions and status. If we need them to do what we want to do this is a good time to come up with a plan about how to manage these apparently mundane aspects of life. We can’t side step in favour of a more unearthly realm while we’re still here in this one, but we can blend the two, bring the cosmic into the everyday and watch what happens when we live in both worlds and gradually discover that, at the end of the day, they are simply one and the same.

Sarah Varcas

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