24th July 2021 – 22nd August 2021 – Blue Moon Cycle in Aquarius

by Sarah on 21/07/2021




 Fear Unceasing or Life Abundant?


Sarah Varcas


All dates are UT

The full moon on 24th July 2021 is the first of two full moons in Aquarius making the second (22nd August) an auspicious blue moon. The period beginning with this first full moon and ending with the blue moon offers everyone an opportunity for a mental ‘spring-clean’, clearing the mind of unnecessary mental clutter that prevents clear-seeing and wise discernment (you can read more about how to harness the energy of a blue moon cycle here).

An Aquarian full moon wants to analyse, deconstruct and understand, whilst simultaneously developing its own unique perspective on how life unfolds and what the future could bring if we prime it to do so. This is a time for reflection, exploration and some mental gymnastics that will enable us to take understanding and insight to a whole new level very soon. Points of view are shifting now. People in ever-increasing numbers are waking up to some bitter truths about this world in which we live. Each day the impact of lost freedoms grows, as does the number of those who refuse to comply with their own subjugation anymore. If this is you, take heart. This moon, and the blue moon to come, offers support to those whose minds remain free despite the unrelenting attempts to imprison them in a lie.

A deeper awakening

To kick off this blue moon cycle, Pluto, Eris and Mars challenge us to be as bold and brazen as those who have manipulated humanity to deliver us here today. This alliance strengthens us to reclaim our mind and heart, our present and future. This blue moon cycle in Aquarius invites us to reflect on how our direct experience differs from what we are told has happened; how what we know in our gut contrasts with what we are expected to believe; how narratives of fear and a culture of blame have been used to shape human behaviour since time immemorial. Divide and rule is a technique of the powerful because it works. End of.

But only if we let it.

This July moon, and the blue one to come, invite us to awaken ever more deeply. To look into the eyes of evil if we must, then see straight through to the spaciousness beyond. The Great Awakening now upon us, catalysed by events unimaginable just eighteen months ago, demands much of us. We must stand strong and refuse to bow. Stay true and refuse to compromise. Remember that freedom is not a reward handed down, but an inalienable right. We may have to make tough choices and risk rejection – or worse –  as we do so. Our paths may stray from those with whom we’ve shared them up to now. We may not all arrive in the same place on the other side of this time. And some of us will not arrive at all. But Pluto, Eris and Mars remind us that we must meet power with power and force with force. Asserting the truth and our freedom in every aspect of our daily lives. Some will do this quietly and without fanfare. Others will do it with a flourish. Some may do it alone – through choice or necessity. Others may seek groups to join. We all have our own way when it comes to being free, our own specific expression of what it means. There is no one way. But right now we are exhorted to draw deeply upon our innate power and act. Summon our inner freedom and make it manifest for all to see.

Aquarian vibrations

There are plenty more challenges to come in the second half of this tumultuous year. Chiron turned retrograde in Aries on 15th July 2021, reminding us how important it is to take unfettered responsibility for our own well-being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In a world where quality of life has been sacrificed on the altar of unceasing fear; where submission to a global medical experiment is being increasingly coerced and mandated; where mental, emotional and spiritual well-being have been cast aside in favour of medical tyranny and manipulated science, it is down to us to take care of ourselves, nurture ourselves. Nourish, protect and heal ourselves. We must stand firm at the door to our personal space and refuse entry to anyone who seeks to override our sovereignty and delete our right to simply be who we are.

Since the Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius in December 2020, the Aquarian vibration has been increasing upon this planet. It speaks to us of independence, liberation, equality and uniqueness. It consolidates power in the hands of the people and removes it from those who’ve co-opted it as their own. Their formidable appearance may alarm us, their unyielding attitude shock. But take heart. As the ruler of Aquarius – Uranus – continues its journey through Taurus it exposes the most intransigent forces within our world, alongside the intransigence within us that resists seeing them for who and what they are. This exposure is the beginning of their end. For what is revealed in the light of day is on its way out the door. As Constantine Hering noted in his Law of Cure: when symptoms appear on the outside the inner disease is being cured. Such is the nature of the world in which we live today. The disease of tyranny, manipulation and control, of sacrificing autonomy for the comfort of being told what to think, be and do, of sacrificing our freedom at the behest of those who care nothing for us, is now exposed fully for all to see. We see it because it’s on its way out. It cannot and will not survive the harsh light of day. Not in the end.

Thinking the unthinkable

This blue moon cycle in Aquarius provides the impetus needed to open minds and allow more people to think the unthinkable and ask new questions. To listen more deeply and take nothing at face value. The Aquarian mind at its best dismisses nothing until it has fully explored its potential. It refuses to be told what to think and will happily walk alone rather than join the buzz of the hive mind. Aquarius is the sign of community and humanity, yes, but not at the expense of unique authenticity! So use this month between full moons to question everything. Refuse to think inside the box of a dying system that feeds off fear, confusion and disempowerment. Cast it aside and look at life afresh. Embody the freedom of Aquarius, the willingness to stand completely alone if that’s what it takes to be true to yourself. Paths are diverging. Friends and companions are lost as others appear. There is no going back. Change is upon us, so vast that none can avoid it. This is evolution happening right before our eyes. It sparks from deep within and flows outward as a brand-new way of being – a fresh rhythm, a new flow of energy, resonant in each and every cell. Stood in the eye of this evolutionary storm we must choose to be its driving force, not an obstacle that stands, frozen, in its way.

Here in the borderlands between the Piscean and Aquarian ages, we must summon integrity so sharp it draws blood and honesty so raw we stand naked before it. To be alive during the shift of the ages is deemed a great blessing although it can, at times, feel like an enormous curse!! Akin to an earthquake which repeatedly hits wherever we thought we were safest, it leaves us nowhere to hide. Forced to live off our wits we discover just how much we can endure and how creative we can be when our back’s against the wall! And as we realise our ingenuity in the face of threat and our resilience in the face of fear, we blossom into a future that may be hard to envisage right now. But it is waiting for us, calling us, showing us the way. And it already knows our names.

What’s your number one priority?

These two radical moons reach out with a heartfelt plea: make awakening your priority, your number one reason to be. Commit to the long haul – whatever it takes – and all else will follow. Connect with Source. Tune in to your innate wisdom. Relinquish the egoic armour grown layer upon layer as life has challenged and broken you. Release the past as a radical commitment to making your life anew. The shift of ages requires spiritual warriors, courageous lovers and fierce compassion that refuses to trade brutal truths for the comfort of denial. We must embrace the dark unknown, standing firm and sure that life abundant will always prevail and our very essence along with it. Even as all else turns to dust, dispersed on the winds of change.

Sarah Varcas


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