15th November 2020: New Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 10 November 2020

      Love Your Beautiful Chaos By Sarah Varcas   The moon is new in Scorpio at 5:08 a.m. UT in the 24th degree of Scorpio A new moon in Scorpio lures us into the depths of our being. This is a time to reflect on our deepest desires, our most compelling emotions, greatest […]

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15th January – 3rd February 2016: Mars Conjunct Asteroid Juno in Scorpio

by Sarah 13 January 2016

      True Steps on the Real Path By Sarah Varcas   A conjunction of Mars, god of war, with Juno, goddess of marriage, highlights the need for both individuation and unity, self-determined action and the creation of enduring alliances. This coupling provides a potent mix of humility and confidence. It calls forth commitment […]

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23rd / 24th October – 22nd November 2015: Sun in Scorpio

by Sarah 20 October 2015

      Smoothing the Journey By Sarah Varcas   The Sun enters Scorpio at 5:48 PM UT on 23rd October. Signalling a month during which emotions will run deep but healing even deeper, the passage of the Sun through the sign of the Scorpio encourages honest assessment of our lives, to identify where the […]

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23rd / 24th July 2015: Waxing Quarter Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 20 July 2015

      A Reassuring Challenge By Sarah Varcas   The quarter moon occurs in the first degree of Scorpio at 4:05 a.m. GMT on 24th July. It’s a powerful one, enhancing the positive thrust of the Sun’s entry into Leo the previous day. The combination of fire (Sun in Leo) and water (Moon in Scorpio) […]

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3rd – 19th July 2015: Pluto Oppositions

by Sarah 30 June 2015

  Image: “Transfigured” by Gary Rosenberg   The Power of Pluto’s Presence By Sarah Varcas   During this period Pluto first opposes the Sun (3rd – 9th), then Mars (11th – 19th) and simultaneously Mercury (14th – 17th). When Pluto’s about, power games are rife. We extend supreme efforts to control the world around us, […]

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3rd/4th May 2015: Full Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah 28 April 2015

    What Lies Shackled in the Shadows? By Sarah Varcas   The Moon is full at 3:43 am GMT on 4th May in the 14th degree of Scorpio. Together with the Sun in Taurus it forms a T Square to Jupiter in Leo. This Moon casts a backward glance to July 2014 when Jupiter first […]

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10th – 17th November: Jupiter Squaring the Sun

by Sarah 5 November 2014

    Cleansing Motivation By Sarah Varcas   In this alliance between the Sun and Jupiter we encounter a challenge and a blessing. Which we claim for ourselves will depend upon how well we manage the task inherent in the current Sun/North Node alliance. If we pay attention as encouraged, to the nuances of our […]

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9th – 13th November 2014: Sun Semi-Sextile North Node

by Sarah 5 November 2014

      Small But Mighty Changes By Sarah Varcas   The relationship between the Sun and North Node for the coming week is one which holds some promise for us, not least because it offers the opportunity to understand something which may have eluded us previously. Against the backdrop of Mercury’s journey through Scorpio, […]

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7th November 2013 – 6th March 2014: Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer

by Sarah 7 November 2013

  Time for Self-Reflection by Sarah Varcas   Today Jupiter begins its annual retrograde journey, this time through the sign of Cancer. The usual enthusiasm and outward thrust of Jupiterian energy turns inward at this point and we may find certain projects and plans slowing down in their development and progress. But this is no […]

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