15th November 2020: New Moon in Scorpio

by Sarah on 10/11/2020




Love Your Beautiful Chaos


Sarah Varcas


The moon is new in Scorpio at 5:08 a.m. UT in the 24th degree of Scorpio

A new moon in Scorpio lures us into the depths of our being. This is a time to reflect on our deepest desires, our most compelling emotions, greatest fears and most passionate love. Nothing is out of bounds to this moon. It welcomes honesty and acceptance of everything and everyone. Strong enough to peer into the darkest night, a new moon in Scorpio allows us to be exactly who we are and to perceive the role every facet of our being plays in the totality of our psyche and spirit. In its darkness we can rest assured – no matter our deepest shame or most obsessive fear – we are loved by All That Is, by nature herself who embraces every aspect of our psyche in all its rawness and vulnerability.

If you’ve been struggling with painful emotion or interpersonal challenges recently, this moon provides solace and comfort, even as it invites you to look deeper within to discover what’s really going on. When intense emotion is triggered it happens for a reason, and that reason may not be as evident as first appears. What bugs us on the surface may do so because it echoes past experience and old hurts yet to be healed. This new moon invites all such wounds to make themselves known, for in its shadow they are safe to speak and we are strong enough to hear their message, however much we may doubt our capacity to do so.

This is a moon of profound healing and renewal, born from the breaking apart of the hardened shell around our deepest pain. It’s okay to cry and grieve, to rail and rage, to despair and declare yourself devoid of hope! We must go to these dark and intimidating places of pain to know them better, to understand their role in our life, and to encounter their unwavering promise of new possibility the other side of their cavernous gloom. For only when we truly let go of all that was can we finally embrace all that is and will be, with a spirit renewed by wisdom and grace.

Life is never as it seems. There is always more to be experienced, new potential and fresh possibility ahead. But our courage to keep on keeping on is forged in the flames of those challenges that threaten to break our spirit before they strengthen our soul. New moon in Scorpio assures us that whatever our pain, be it grief, despair, rage, shame, resentment or any other shade of emotion, it is part of being human. To deny it is to deny the very essence of who we are. Scorpio denies nothing. It looks directly into the shadows of this world with eyes wide open to its ecstasy and despair, knowing them as opposite sides of the one, same, beautiful coin.

Use the energy of this new moon to reflect on recent emotions. How well are you honouring them? Do you listen to their whispers or ignore their cries for attention, deeming them an inconvenience in an already challenging world? Remember that feelings and emotions connect us to the inherent wisdom of the natural world which knows without speaking and maintains balance through a withholding here or a releasing there. The ebb and flow of the tide, the phases of the moon, the cycle of the seasons, all are reflected in our inner world of thought, feeling, emotion and intuition. Our own instinctual knowing expresses itself through all of these, sharing its wisdom through a tightened belly, a lump in the throat, a tear in the eye or a pounding in the chest. How well do we attend to its messages? How effectively do we understand its language? A new moon in Scorpio provides an opportunity to reflect on these questions and probe deeply the answers that arise.

In the silence of this profound moon, let your inner world reveal itself in all its paradoxical, chaotic glory. Honour it as the spice that makes you you, me me and everyone else who they are: mixed up, messed up and profoundly beautiful for it. For without the labyrinth of who we have become how could we ever create the shining future that awaits us the other side of self-recrimination and fear?

Enjoy this moon. It is deep and dark, profound, revelatory and wise. Accept everything. Love yourself, soothe your own heart and know that nothing and no one is beyond redemption in the shadow of a Scorpio new moon.

Sarah Varcas

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