15th January – 3rd February 2016: Mars Conjunct Asteroid Juno in Scorpio

by Sarah on 13/01/2016


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True Steps on the Real Path


Sarah Varcas

A conjunction of Mars, god of war, with Juno, goddess of marriage, highlights the need for both individuation and unity, self-determined action and the creation of enduring alliances. This coupling provides a potent mix of humility and confidence. It calls forth commitment to enlightened relationships which honour individual strengths, and to collective well-being which stretches beyond the individual. Consequently, we may have to both stand firm in the knowledge that we’re doing the right thing even in the face of naysayers who think they know better, and stand aside to honour those who really do, and can more effectively achieve what’s needed.

Balancing humility with confidence may take some practice. Knowing the extent and limitations of one’s own knowledge and abilities is the mark of a mature ego that can competently assess the self. We might yearn to be the saviour of others, the expert with all the answers, but if we’ve not yet secured that position we must be humble enough to recognise this and pass the baton when the time is right. Everyone has a role in this adventure of conscious evolution. No one is left out or irrelevant to the process. But if we want to reach beyond our remit, trying to be more than we are, greater than our current state allows, the heavens encourage patience and humility. There is a time for advancement and expansion, but it must be balanced with respect for the limitations which define who we are right now.

This conjunction is exact on 25th January UT in the 12th degree of Scorpio. Its semi-sextile to Saturn at this point helps us embrace the patient humility often required for the fulfilment of true potential. Those who want everything all at once – acclaim, accomplishment and satisfaction – disrespect the beauty of a process which weaves the roots of all of those things deeply into ones soul before they manifest on the material plane. The outcomes we seek are fruits born on mature branches that require deep roots to grow strong and secure. The delicate blossoms of spring, so easily blown away, may look richly beautiful but they cannot withstand the oftentimes forceful encounters with life on the edge of awakening. They speak of nascent potential, not its ripening, and must be treated with gentle love and care if they are to see out their season and give way to their promised harvest.

For many people these days, it feels like such a LONG road that demands SO MUCH. We may have been blinded to this fact by the early fruits of awakening that offer up positive change: some peace, more faith, deeper insight into what makes the world go around such that we can better grasp our place within it. But this is only the beginning, not the entirety. To awaken, both individually and collectively, requires a journey through the flames that burn away all we perceive ourselves to be. We don’t get to keep the ‘good’ bits of our life and just replace the problematic bits that don’t work anyway. To awaken is to recognise the sacred emptiness at the heart of all things including ourselves, our life and our identity; to know we may have to relinquish all we think we are to discover the unchanging truth at our core.

This conjunction of Mars and Juno reminds us that the process is deeply challenging, requiring confidence and humility, determination to go it alone when we must and together when necessary. By acknowledging this we step onto the real path, not the fantasy one, and walk true steps not false ones. For whilst the journey may be longer or more challenging than we expected, it is exactly as it should be and we are guided always homeward by the light of the Divine.

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Sarah Varcas

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