9th – 13th November 2014: Sun Semi-Sextile North Node

by Sarah on 05/11/2014


 North Node in Libra, Sun in Scorpio, Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, conscious relationships, Full Moon in Taurus November 2014, self-awareness


Small But Mighty Changes


Sarah Varcas

The relationship between the Sun and North Node for the coming week is one which holds some promise for us, not least because it offers the opportunity to understand something which may have eluded us previously. Against the backdrop of Mercury’s journey through Scorpio, this is a useful aspect to see, for not only does it assist with gleaning helpful information which can shed new light on an old situation, it can do so in such a way that engaging with our new perspective can move us in the right direction without too great an effort on our part. There is one minor hitch though: the information we encounter may seem so mundane, so inconsequential, that we simply dismiss it as irrelevant and allow it to pass us by. This would be a shame, not least because if we do we’ll only have to spot it again at a later date, and the more we blind ourselves to it now the more likely we are to continue missing it in the future.

So what should we be looking out for? When the North Node and Sun align in this way the cosmos is cheering us on in the right direction, and with the North Node currently in Libra, we can look to our relationships for further insight. When the North Node is in the sign of the scales we encounter the extremes of relationship – conflict, disputes, misunderstandings, anger – just as much as we do their pleasing side. We must encounter such extremes in order to know true balance when we find it. An alliance between this North Node and the Sun in Scorpio raises the question of how we bring all of ourselves to a relationship and still make room for other people and their whole selves too! It is this process of give and take – the embodiment of authenticity which incorporates the truth of others – which forms a key challenge on the path of human development.

But as I said, the information we can glean about this now seems tiny, irrelevant even, so we need to be alert to spot it! In the coming few days we would do well to watch with more care how we interact with the different people in our lives, what we say to whom and how we say it; what we say about whom and how we respond to their face! Just as the Full Moon highlighted how easy it is to lapse back into old habits and ways of being, this Sun/North Node alliance reminds us that it is often in relationships where we do it most readily and with the least amount of awareness, especially with people we know well, who have been a part of our landscape for a long time.

Indeed, a relationship itself can simply be a habit which neither side has gotten around to breaking, and with the current Mars/Pluto conjunction we may find previously unspoken tensions and pressures rising to the surface for release. Which makes it all the more important to stay alert to our own behaviour, what we’re transmitting into the ether, our body language and silent communications. All of this and more can offer insight into what’s really going on when we interact with the people in our lives. The more aware we can be of our contribution to the surrounding relational field, the better able we are to honestly recognise how we influence the course of events in our lives and the process by which we create the outcomes we encounter.

But as I said, the information highlighted now may be easily overlooked, so if we think we know ourselves well and don’t need to focus on this area we’d be wrong! There is something more to see, something more to bring into our awareness, another aspect of how we function upon which light needs to be shed and it’s not an obvious one. Think that quiet muttering under your breath wasn’t heard and so doesn’t matter? Think again! Fairly certain no one noticed that ‘white lie’ you just told to get out of doing something you don’t want to do? Wrong! Think you got away with gossiping because you rarely do it and, well, this bit of information was just too interesting not to share? No such luck! No matter how inconsequential we think some things may be, everything we do, everything we say, matters, and whilst it can be tough going staying conscious when emotions are aroused, now’s a time to do it like our life depends upon it! Because, in fact, our new life does. We can continue in old ruts rehashing tired dynamics, feeling under siege, unfulfilled or just plain old tired, or we can look more closely at what’s really going on when we interact with others and spot something new which will make sense of the bigger picture.

It may be small, this thing we see. It may seem like nothing much at all, but if we can spot it, understand it and then change it for something more productive we can make far more progress than the fairly inconsequential nature of the change may initially have us believe.

Sarah Varcas

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