27th June – 1st December 2016: Chiron Retrograde in Pisces

by Sarah 7 October 2016

      Reflections on Healing and Wholeness By Sarah Varcas   In the presence of Chiron we encounter the issue of healing. When retrograde, Chiron asks what it means to us, what we foresee when we contemplate personal healing and how we view those aspects of our self we consider in need of ‘repair’. […]

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5th – 25th/26th January 2016: Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius & Capricorn

by Sarah 5 January 2016

    A Rude Awakening! By Sarah Varcas   Mercury stations retrograde in the 2nd degree of Aquarius at 12:59 p.m. UT, before reversing back into Capricorn on 8th January at 7:37 p.m. UT. Squared by Mars in Scorpio at its station, this passage of Mercury speaks of unexpected and potentially very disruptive surprises which, nonetheless, […]

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31st March / 1st April – 11th/12th May 2015: Mars in Taurus

by Sarah 25 March 2015

      Patience is a Super Power! By Sarah Varcas   When Venus entered Taurus two weeks ago she highlighted the importance of earthing our energy and honouring our physicality. As Mars joins her in this earthiest of signs we discover why her message was so important. We cannot manifest on the physical plane without […]

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3rd/4th February 2015: Full Moon in Leo

by Sarah 3 February 2015

  Image: “Lion Moon” by Gary Rosenberg   All Aboard the Evolution Express! By Sarah Varcas   The Moon is full in the 15th degree of Leo at 11:10 pm on 3rd February GMT. This is a supportive Moon which provides the opportunity to put the results of previous efforts to good use in current […]

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6th to 8th July 2014: Cosmic Diamond

by Sarah 6 July 2014

  Image: ‘Flame Flower’ by Gary Rosenberg    Diamonds Are Forever by Sarah Varcas   This week begins with a diamond in the heavens. It’s a rare occurrence and one that’s easy to miss, but it speaks clearly of potential which can be realised through enduring pressure and allowing it to change us into something […]

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