6th to 8th July 2014: Cosmic Diamond

by Sarah on 06/07/2014


Flame Flower by Gary Rosenberg
Image: 'Flame Flower' by Gary Rosenberg


 Diamonds Are Forever


Sarah Varcas

This week begins with a diamond in the heavens. It’s a rare occurrence and one that’s easy to miss, but it speaks clearly of potential which can be realised through enduring pressure and allowing it to change us into something altogether clearer and more radiant.

You know the saying ‘a diamond’s just a piece of carbon that reacted really well to stress’? Well…. it’s true. Under intense heat and pressure diamonds are born of carbon. They become what they are because no matter how hot and intense it gets, they stay the course. Therein lies the message for us: don’t give up! No matter how tough it may be, how hot it feels or how intense life has become, DO NOT GIVE UP!! Because something incredibly precious is being born out of this furnace of transformation.

Most of us have felt it in recent months… building intensity, pressure to change even when we’ve felt we’re not yet ready. Some have been feeling like time’s running out, it’s now or never. Others have feared they’ve missed the boat and it’s gone without them. Some are experiencing the intensity of positive progress and development. The truth is time keeps going and we often get second chances, even third and fourth ones, but that said, yes, things are very intense and demanding of change these days. That cannot be denied. Which is why I was so happy to see this diamond suspended above us, because it comes as a cosmic gift: reassurance from the universe that all of this struggle, effort, patience and persistence will pay off in due course, as long as we stick with it.

Diamond 7th July 2014

When the heavens dish up this kind of encouraging and energised message, we are always given more… not just the exhortation to stick with it no matter what, but some sage and useful advice about how to do just that. Today is no exception! Saturn, Venus and Uranus speak of the power of consequence, of living the results of past choices whether we like it or not. The karmic influences woven through the fabric of our lives are powerful right now, not because we’re all being punished or rewarded by some all powerful force which decides upon our destiny, but because without entering fully into the stream of karmic creativity we can’t truly detach ourselves from the aspects of our life, or past, our psyche and circumstances, which no longer deserve a place in our future. We have to tie up loose ends, dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s of our karmic account, in order to move forward more freely with a lighter footprint upon the earth and a softer touch within our daily lives. This is not to say karmic forces will end and we can come out the other side of them, no. This is about catching up with ourselves, bringing our energy and attention into the present moment and living what we find there with as much consciousness and connection as we can possibly muster.

Think of it as paying off a loan. We can do it in dribs and drabs, a small payment here, a bit more there… or we can gather together everything we have and clear the loan to free us up for a future not defined by the restrictions of debt. Doing the latter isn’t easy and may well involve some fairly tough self-discipline. We may have to deny ourselves other things in order to balance the books, but once that loan’s cleared…ah… freedom….choice….possibility… All of these become ours again. This point in the birthing of the Aquarian Age is one in which karmic forces are powerful and intense. We cannot avoid the consequences of who we are and have chosen to be in the past. We have to face them now, for good or ill, recognise our creative power and resolve to create with greater consciousness and wisdom in future. And we can best do that when we have faced fully and with great courage the consequences of who we have been before. This is not about self-blame or self-aggrandisement, but instead a deep inner bow to the forces which shape our lives and the part we play in that shaping.

The James Bond song tells us that diamonds are forever, and given what they’ve been through to become what they are, forever seems like fair reward! And as we face up to the forces at play in our own lives, resolving to do whatever it takes to clear the karmic slate and move forward in such a way that we create less and less of the ‘stuff’ that holds us back, we too can inherit forever, not in the form of eternal life but in the form of the eternal present, in which possibility and potential reside, connecting us in all directions with every other moment throughout time, space and beyond. The more we can rest in this moment the more we are able to respond to life just as it needs us to, not creating yet more webs in which to trap ourselves in due course, but instead weaving patterns of beauty throughout our own life and the lives of those around us.

So please, don’t give up. There’s so much more to be known, experienced, understood and embraced. It’s time to clear the energetic debts which hold us back and jump into the present fully alive and ready for whatever comes next.

Sarah Varcas

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