3rd/4th February 2015: Full Moon in Leo

by Sarah on 03/02/2015


All Aboard the Evolution Express!


Sarah Varcas

The Moon is full in the 15th degree of Leo at 11:10 pm on 3rd February GMT. This is a supportive Moon which provides the opportunity to put the results of previous efforts to good use in current ones. Think of it as re-investing interest on money saved! This Moon provides an impressive rate of return on our savings and rewards our calculated care in the past. If we have goals for 2015 that we feel might just be a bit too ambitious this Leo Moon invites us to gather up our courage and fortitude, let out a great roar and let the world know we’re on the case! This is a Moon which allows leaders to rise, innovators to create and manifesters to produce desired outcomes, not in the magical blink of an eye but through effort and commitment imbued with the resonance of this bright and powerful Moon.

A Full Moon is generally a time of results and rewards, consequences and outcomes, but at this one we are both full and empty, sorting through the results of past decisions, actions and choices to rid ourselves now of absolutely anything which no longer fits the path ahead. To do this effectively we must embody the consequences of our past selves (which is our present!) to know which bits align with our future and which bits have had their day. At this Full Moon we can allow everything into us, all that we are without exception: feel it, think it, sense it, speak to it, dance it out, sob it through – whatever it takes to fully know and then release tired old energies which no longer feed our soul. If we do this now we will be ready for the New Moon later this month which signals a significant opportunity to truly begin again in the deepest way possible. This Moon invites us into the fullness of all that we are, all that we have become, to take stock and decide how to best align with the evolutionary forces at play all around us now.

Making the choice to complete this internal audit signals to the universe that we’re signed up to the cosmic programme and onboard the Evolution Express! There are blessings awaiting those who make this choice for they will be resonant with the expansive energies that are building this month. We have so many opportunities in life to break through conditioning, release anchors to the past and step into our authentic selves every single day, and yet most of them pass us by without our even noticing! This month we need to do whatever we can to change that. We must stay alert to the energetic portals all around through which we can step fully into the present, awake and free. Often they are disguised as the most mundane of things, which is why we miss their presence. We don’t walk past a door with a flashing light saying ‘awaken in here!’ (if only!). Instead life presents us in each moment with opportunities to do exactly that as we go about our day: plans gone awry, disappointment, unfair treatment, illness, loss, the simple everyday frustrations of the frenetic life so many of us live these days. All are calls to awaken, to connect with the sacred field of presence within and around us, eternally. The more alert we can be to their presence, seeing them not as hindrances to our peace but the very door through which we can step into it, the greater our capacity to integrate the energies of this month and weave them into our very foundations for the coming year.

This Full Moon reaches out to us and takes our hand firmly and with purpose. Now is the time to commit to deep change which will be fertilized at the New Moon on 18th/19th February. Unwillingness on our part to do this inner stock-taking may necessitate that it be triggered by an external force disrupting our life and revealing those parts best left in the past where they belong. The latter process has the same ends but a different and more unsettling means. Either way this Moon demands that we face up to our past, embody our present and be prepared to radically shift our future. Doing so will release all manner of energies previously locked in stagnant pools of denied emotion, toxic memories and a life unlived, ready to invest them in the February New Moon which demands without compromise that we make ourselves anew.

Sarah Varcas

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