31st March / 1st April – 11th/12th May 2015: Mars in Taurus

by Sarah on 25/03/2015


Patience is a Super Power!


Sarah Varcas

When Venus entered Taurus two weeks ago she highlighted the importance of earthing our energy and honouring our physicality. As Mars joins her in this earthiest of signs we discover why her message was so important. We cannot manifest on the physical plane without our consciousness rooted there, and to bring our life into alignment with our authentic, truest selves this is exactly what we need to do. Living in this material world with a physical body and five senses is not an error of judgement, a cosmic mistake of the ‘first creator’ who actually intended something different! We weren’t meant to be somewhere else in an ethereal realm. As human beings we have a very clear task: to ground the higher formless frequencies into the world of form, thereby shifting its vibration and our own along with it. Mars now in Taurus offers some formidable support for this particular aspect of our journey.

On a spiritual path impatience can be rife. We judge outcomes against time and feel downhearted if we’re not seeing the change we anticipated. We see life through a lense of reward for efforts made and struggle to understand why our supreme efforts are not met with our desired outcomes. Mars in Taurus reminds us that forbearance and fortitude, patience and equanimity, are some of the most precious resources on the spiritual path. It’s all too easy to want healing powers, deep insight, out of body experiences and intimate knowledge of other realms, but the most powerful abilities we can nurture are those that enable us to keep going when everything seems to be telling us to give up the ghost; to stay focused on truth when all around us are lies; to keep the faith when the world seems intent on destroying it. These are true spiritual super-powers, for by them we continue onward, deepening in wisdom, growing in truth and resting ever deeper into the sacred presence which knows no time or achievement, no failure or pretence.

In Taurus, Mars connects us with the material realm in which change takes time and creation is ever on-going. No physical object, be it a living being or a table, is actually static. Even a corpse changes as the process of decay takes hold. Nothing stays the same. Change and movement are all around but we fail to perceive their effect. So we seek out the big things, the major shifts, the dramatic transformations which come upon us to affirm that something is happening to shift the status quo. And when they don’t occur we become disillusioned, fearing that we are ‘doing it wrong’ or that the teachings and practices in which we placed our faith were simply naïve. Mars in Taurus reminds us of a simple but powerful truth which, when fully embraced, can significantly change our lives for the better: change takes time. Whilst sometimes it may happen in the blink of an eye, the conditions leading up to that moment, the many elements necessary for it to arise, the particular shape of the alchemy required for the eventual outcome, have all taken time to emerge from the formless realm of possibility. Even when something is sudden, its roots have grown outside of our perception, sometimes for aeons prior!

The more we can use our physicality to stay present – feeling our feet upon the earth, the sunshine on our skin, listening to bird song, enjoying a nourishing meal or a work out in the gym – the more in tune we can be with the timing of becoming in the material realm. If we are forever flying off into the future, imagining a life very different from our own, urging it into existence without offering the present moment the same level of enthusiasm, we are lengthening the process of change not hastening it. If we cannot be here now in this present, we won’t be there then in that one, instead dreaming of yet another far off future that pales the new present into insignificance.

Mars in Taurus is committed to the long haul and honours process. We would be wise to call upon him in the coming weeks, seeing our world through his eyes. Change takes time. Creation and destruction, no matter how apparently sudden, arise in a timeline of conditions and occurrences which together create the perfect environment for their becoming. We may love the result or hate it, overlook it or embrace it. Whatever our response we can rest assured we see only the surface beneath which a whole host of shifts in the very fabric of existence have occurred to bring us to this place. These shifts are happening all the time and everywhere. Even when life seems forever stuck, change is already taking hold. What we must do is wait, patient and focused, present and faithful, knowing that who we are and what we do will return to us their fruits, in a timing all of their own.

Sarah Varcas

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