24th July 2021 – 22nd August 2021 – Blue Moon Cycle in Aquarius

by Sarah 21 July 2021

       Fear Unceasing or Life Abundant? by Sarah Varcas   All dates are UT If you would prefer to listen to me reading this post, an audio version is available at the bottom of the page. The full moon on 24th July 2021 is the first of two full moons in Aquarius making […]

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A Quick Solstice Message

by Sarah 20 December 2020

    Fear has been increasingly weaponised over the past few days. Talk of a new more virulent strain of the ‘virus’ has been used to justify greater restriction on our freedoms and liberty here in the UK. No doubt other places will be following suit if they haven’t already. The Great Conjunction occurs on […]

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18th – 25th August 2015: Saturn Squaring the Sun

by Sarah 11 August 2015

      Choosing to be Free By Sarah Varcas   Occurring as Saturn prepares to leave Scorpio mid September, this aspect ensures that we don’t miss out on one final opportunity to let go of the thoughts and feelings, activities and relationships which are holding us back. Chances are we know them well and […]

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15th/16th September 2014: Quarter Moon in Gemini

by Sarah 11 September 2014

      Jump If You Dare! by Sarah Varcas   The waning Quarter Moon occurs at 2:06 am GMT on 16th September in the 24th degree of Gemini. Mercury is highlighted by this Moon, not only as the ruler of Gemini, but also as the traditional ruler of the current Sun sign, Virgo and […]

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9th December 2013: Uranus preparing to station direct

by Sarah 9 December 2013

  Image: ‘Joy of Freedom’ by Rassouli   Liberation Calls by Sarah Varcas   Uranus is now in the final week of its retrograde phase before stationing direct on 17th December. Between now and then it encourages us to reflect upon the past five months to discern its action in our lives. Uranus is the […]

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20th/21st May 2013: Uranus/Pluto Square

by Sarah 17 May 2013

    Side-Swiped But Still Standing! by Sarah Varcas   This is the third exact Uranus/Pluto square since June 2012 (the others occurring on 24/06/12 & 19/09/12), with a further four to go between now and the end of March 2015. As we journey together through this process of disruptive change and liberating insight, we […]

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