20th/21st May 2013: Uranus/Pluto Square

by Sarah on 17/05/2013



Side-Swiped But Still Standing!


Sarah Varcas


This is the third exact Uranus/Pluto square since June 2012 (the others occurring on 24/06/12 & 19/09/12), with a further four to go between now and the end of March 2015. As we journey together through this process of disruptive change and liberating insight, we can be forgiven for feeling it’s often one step forward and two steps back. Just as we think everything’s falling into place… wham! Something side-swipes us, sending us reeling and throwing us off kilter once again. At this point in the process, having been living directly under the influence of these energies for nearly a year now, we may well be wondering what more they can throw at us?! But take heart, there’s method in their apparent madness and what may feel like a malevolent bad joke on the part of the universe is actually anything but when these two cosmic giants get together to weave their magic, dark though it may feel at times.

Essentially, all they want for us is freedom. Not the comfy, polite freedom of material security and some attractive lifestyle choices, but the bone-shattering, heart-rending, in-your-face freedom of knowing that we are each part of the creative, divine force at the heart of the universe. We are creation itself in action and process, evolving with every thought, feeling and deed. We’re not here to play safe. We’re here to live a life that is fully alive, not riddled with compromise and denial. We’re here to engage one hundred and ten percent with the energy that courses through our veins, through our minds and hearts, through our spirits, and use it consciously for the highest possible good.

This is the freedom that Uranus & Pluto want for us. They began sowing its seeds when they were conjunct in the 1960’s and now it’s incumbent upon us to do our part to bring the harvest to fruition. In many ways it’s a tall order, what with the collective ego being such a powerful force in the world these days, dictating choices to us motivated largely by fear, the desire for predictability and maintenance of the status quo. But the status quo cannot be maintained at a time like this, no matter how hard we try. It will not work, because something far more important is taking place. We are shifting into a time of conscious evolution when we can choose the direction we move in and the transformations taking place. We can influence them with our every thought, feeling and deed. And for increasing numbers of people around the world, their thoughts and feelings are pushing and pushing them away from the status quo, into a whole new reality. One in which the power of authenticity and truth out-lives the need to be accepted and secure.

This is the process we are in, and each time we experience one of those ‘side-swipes’ I mentioned earlier, it’s another wake-up call from the cosmos that complacency is not an option. No matter how much progress we may have made, there is still so much more to be done and we need to stay alert and on our toes, ready to jump as soon as the instruction to do so is given! At the time of this particular square, and for the intervening time until the next one (1st November 2013), these swipes may become more frequent, but stress not, because this is a good thing (yes, really!). This is our chance to demonstrate how steadfast in our commitment we really are. No matter what happens, we just get up again, dust ourselves off and have another go. This is how the universe teaches us endurance and gives us spiritual back-bone. This is how we burn through the things that hold us back like self-doubt and fear. There’s a lot of burning to be done in the coming months. It could get pretty intense at times, but remember the end-game is one of liberation, and we’re merely being strengthened enough to break through the final barriers to it when the time is right.

So at this time of the third Uranus/Pluto square I see challenges and rewards a plenty, one following the other following the other. None of them are the last word or the final scene. And each, in its own way, propels us forward into greater freedom, bound by fewer restraints and constrictions in our lives.

Sarah Varcas

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