9th December 2013: Uranus preparing to station direct

by Sarah on 09/12/2013


Liberation Calls


Sarah Varcas

Uranus is now in the final week of its retrograde phase before stationing direct on 17th December. Between now and then it encourages us to reflect upon the past five months to discern its action in our lives. Uranus is the great awakener, the cosmic alarm clock which shatters our cosy sleep to remind us there are places to go, people to meet, things to experience which can never be encounter if we stay where we are. When retrograde, those encounters occur within ourselves, with parts of our psyche we have failed to acknowledge or honour. The experiences are difficult to share with others because they are so personal and yet so breath-taking, plucking us out of our everyday consciousness into something altogether different, whether it be different in terms of emotion, thought or level of awareness.

As Uranus prepares to turnabout and begin a forward journey once more it asks us to reflect upon where it has been working with us lately, disrupting old habits of thought, feeling and behaviour to reveal hidden possibilities and neglected parts of ourselves which need to be witnessed and heard. When Uranus is messing with us we know all about it: we may feel like we no longer know who we are. Whatever we identified with and told ourselves was true may be shattered into a thousand pieces to show us just how subjective and tenuous truth can be. Uranus knows no truth other than the one which liberates. Nothing else matters, and no matter how much we may cling to beliefs which tell us what we want to hear, if Uranus deems them an obstacle to our freedom it will take a mallet to them soon as look at them, no compunction!

So if we feel like we’ve undergone an internal mallet attack in the past few months, with beliefs about ourselves and other people, life, the universe and everything breaking up before our very eyes to reveal an unknown world of uncertainty and confusion; if we’ve undergone such a radical reappraisal of our life that we no longer recognise who we once were nor who we have become, but find ourselves swimming in an ocean of possibility wondering what, if anything, might be lurking beneath the surface;  or if we have resisted the will of mighty Uranus and clung on for dear life to the crumbling rocks of our life, beliefs and values, only to discover that they crumble all the faster for our clinging… now is the time to look back upon it all and recognise that what felt like an inner earthquake which nothing could survive was actually a gift, destroying our foundations to such an extent that freedom is now more possible than ever. Not narcissistic freedom which says we can get whatever we want whenever we want – the life of our dreams on a plate. But freedom which says we can now step up and live life with a more open heart and a greater appreciation of the whole because those things which kept us small and subjective have been taken away.

The freedom of Uranus is not about personal satisfaction but collective liberation. It strives to break each and every chain which binds us, including those which keep us bound to what we believe should be the rewards of living a ‘spiritual life’. Uranus exists outside of any reward system. It just wants everything and everyone free and in that freedom ready and able to respond to life as it shifts and moves within us. And there will be much shifting and moving in the coming weeks as Uranus about-turns. The inner earthquakes will begin to express themselves externally as our outer life can no longer resist the imperative of change. We cannot live in the old way if we’ve become new, and thus we meet the ultimate challenge of Uranus, to make the inner liberation explicit in the outer conditions of our lives. Failing to do this renders the liberation incomplete, and an incomplete liberation is no liberation at all when it comes to Uranus. It’s quite a challenge, I know, but just think how life will be if we can rise to it, together, liberating and liberated, one and all.

Sarah Varcas

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