15th/16th September 2014: Quarter Moon in Gemini

by Sarah on 11/09/2014


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Sarah Varcas

The waning Quarter Moon occurs at 2:06 am GMT on 16th September in the 24th degree of Gemini. Mercury is highlighted by this Moon, not only as the ruler of Gemini, but also as the traditional ruler of the current Sun sign, Virgo and in its approaching conjunction to the Moon’s North Node. As such this Moon speaks of social connections and communication, information pertinent to our personal path and the surroundings in which we find ourselves daily. She speaks of what we need to know and what is superfluous to our progress. She highlights who, what and where matters and how we can go about releasing that which doesn’t. This is a clarifying Moon which speaks powerfully to the intent of uncluttered simplicity.

In the wake of Mars’s entry into Sagittarius, the opposite sign to Gemini, this Moon enables us to use our new found optimism to good effect, by recognising what really supports our path ahead and what we simply cling to for the security and familiarity it provides, albeit familiarity rooted in out-dated alliances, stale information and old habits which are dying hard. Risk-taking can be easier when we feel optimistic, and whilst the risks requested by this Moon are far from life-threatening, the request is still easier to comply with when we can do so from a place of knowing that we are ultimately safe no matter what.

So what are these risks? Put simply: the risk of freeing ourselves from old connections to allow new ones to arise. And put like that it doesn’t sound like much of a risk at all, except that those old connections may be a source of security that we don’t care to live without at this point. It may feel a bit premature to let go and move on. And if it does, so be it. There will be other opportunities, but this is an early call for those ready to take a leap and give it a go. We will know if it’s time for us – not because there will be no trepidation about moving away from places, people and even beliefs to which we have clung in the past – but because underlying the trepidation will be plain old excitement about the potential which we instinctively know will be unleashed if we let go. Something inside of us will be certain beyond all doubt, that no matter how things look from the outside or how hard other people try to stop us from changing, what we release will quickly pale in the face of the new which arises in its place.

Of course at such times, as always, it’s important to remember that we are not alone in being offered this choice. Everyone has this chance right now and we may have to endure someone deciding to move away from us in pursuit of their own new beginning. This can be tough, very tough. Making a proactive choice, no matter how scary, is rarely as painful as being subject to the unwanted choices of another. However, this quarter Moon reminds us no matter where we find ourselves in all of this, the spaces left by such departures are now ripe beyond measure for the growth of something new. No one will be left barren by the shifts and changes of this time, whoever they are and wherever they find ourselves. No matter how deeply it may feel that we are, life has other ideas, and with an eclipse season soon to begin (24th September) the most unlikely scenarios may just be the ones that take root first. Certain you can’t live without that person? Welcome to your new independent life where you think and feel in a totally different way to how you anticipated. Worried that walking away from your old world view and all your friends who shared it will leave you lonely and isolated? Come on in to the new ‘you’ who makes friends quickly and easily without so much as a ‘bye your leave’ to the old ones. Certain that stepping away from your career now will ruin any future chances of success? Step on up to your new life where you discover just how adept you are at making it in ways you never dreamed possible.

Eclipse seasons frequently circumvent the accepted mores of ‘time to grieve’ and ‘living empty after loss’. They can throw us from one life, knee-deep into another without time to say our goodbyes or pack up our things. We are born again with little more than a moment’s notice and somehow it seems to make sense no matter how nonsensical it appears on the surface. So for those who know now is the time to release or be released, to embrace what that means and still stay focused on the potential not the pain, the cosmos supports us in powerful ways, clearing away emotional obstacles and enabling us to embrace the new if we dare to take the risk and jump in the fading light of this cleansing Quarter Moon.

Sarah Varcas

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