Asteroid Vesta

14th December 2020: Total Solar Eclipse in 24th degree of Sagittarius

by Sarah 9 December 2020

      Don’t Go Back To Sleep! By Sarah Varcas   All dates are UT This solar eclipse, the second of two eclipses this season (you can read about the first one here), is soft as Autumn mists and tough as Winter storms. In the same time and space it delivers the harshest truths […]

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5th July 2020: Lunar Eclipse in 14th degree of Capricorn

by Sarah 30 June 2020

      Reclamation of Independence By Sarah Varcas All dates are UT The final of three eclipses, this lunar eclipse in Capricorn begins a process of emotional repatterning in response to events and experiences over the past month. Asteroid Vesta in Cancer opposing this eclipse signifies the importance of emotional intelligence. We may feel […]

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July 2018 Astro-Energy Report

by Sarah 30 June 2018

      Truth Found in Darkness By Sarah Varcas All dates are UT so may vary in your time zone   July is a month of deep inner movement which, like a quake far below the earth’s crust, may well shake foundations, but is less likely to bring the structures of our lives crashing […]

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13th – 21st May 2015: Asteroid Vesta Conjunct Chiron in Pisces

by Sarah 12 May 2015

  Image by Berto Voigt   Healing Into Wholeness By Sarah Varcas   Asteroid Vesta speaks of karmic patterns woven through our lives: those conditions, experiences and circumstances which shape us. Sometimes deemed ‘fate’, in fact they are born of our very essence, reuniting us with our deepest, most sacred self untouched by the vicissitudes […]

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28th March – 9th June 2015: Asteroid Vesta in Pisces

by Sarah 25 March 2015

      Like Pebbles in a Pond By Sarah Varcas   As asteroid Vesta enters Pisces she asks where our true commitment lays, then waits patiently for an answer. It may not come immediately. With all the emphasis on living authentically brought to bear since the solar eclipse, we may also be wondering this […]

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4th – 7th February 2015: Asteroid Vesta Conjunct Mercury Retrograde

by Sarah 3 February 2015

      Wild Dogs and Wisdom By Sarah Varcas   When Asteroid Vesta meets Mercury Retrograde we discover how much clarity we really have. So if you find yourself in something of a fog at this point, there’s no need to panic! See it as an opportunity to clear out mental cobwebs and regain focus. And […]

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28th/29th January – 28th March 2015: Asteroid Vesta in Aquarius

by Sarah 28 January 2015

      Devotion to Divinity By Sarah Varcas   Asteroid Vesta raises matters of service and commitment, sister/brotherhood and devotion to a cause. She upholds the purity of spiritual practice even as she engages with it in the mundanity of everyday life. As goddess of the hearth, she reminds us the sacred lives at […]

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12th/13th January 2015: Waning Quarter Moon in Libra

by Sarah 7 January 2015

  Image: “Contemplating Transformation” by Gary Rosenberg   Adjusting to our Humanity By Sarah Varcas   At a waning Quarter Moon we encounter the final stage of adjustment before retreating into the stillness of the dark Moon when the seeds of the next lunar cycle are nurtured. Although often overlooked, Quarter Moons are crucial to […]

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27th to 30th October 2014: Black Moon Lilith opposes Chiron

by Sarah 22 October 2014

      Imagine That! by Sarah Varcas   Throughout this week we can allow our imaginations free reign in order to find the nuggets of wisdom which most support us on our healing journey. So often constrained by societal mores and social expectations, imagination is frequently relegated to a tiny box opened only in […]

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25th April 2013: Asteroid Vesta Enters Cancer (and remains there until July)

by Sarah 25 April 2013

  Vesta Tip-Toes into Cancer, Eclipsed by an Eclipse… by Sarah Varcas   I know everyone’s talking about the Lunar Eclipse today, and understandably so..It’s a big ‘un! You can read my take on it here if you’re interested, so this morning I wanted to mention something else that’s been eclipsed by the eclipse…And that something else […]

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