13th – 21st May 2015: Asteroid Vesta Conjunct Chiron in Pisces

by Sarah on 12/05/2015


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Healing Into Wholeness


Sarah Varcas

Asteroid Vesta speaks of karmic patterns woven through our lives: those conditions, experiences and circumstances which shape us. Sometimes deemed ‘fate’, in fact they are born of our very essence, reuniting us with our deepest, most sacred self untouched by the vicissitudes of chance and destiny. In Vesta we learn the challenge of ‘going it alone’ when necessary, of facing trials with hope, carrying burdens with resilience and facing challenges with a faithful heart, sure in the knowledge that no matter how it feels, we do not do this alone. Something far greater than ‘little me’ rises up to unite us with Sacred Source when we most need it. In its conjunction to Chiron, the great healer, Vesta assures us no challenge is too great, no wound too deep that the sacred cannot reach through to make us whole. No matter how much we may struggle or how distant hope may be, the heavens remind us that the deeper our commitment to wholeness, to knowing ourselves as the all-consuming One, the more powerful its alchemical impact becomes.

Healing is most definitely at hand whatever the issue, be it longstanding or recent, deeply personal or a burden carried by many. No matter how much energy has already been expended on trying to heal, the heavens reach out to those in need with a gentle, reassuring touch. In Pisces, Vesta and Chiron feel the pain of individuality, often experienced as isolation and loneliness. There exists a deep yearning for oneness, a return to Sacred Source where the agony of separation is no more. The wounds uncovered now can feel excruciating in their aloneness, but in fact invite us into the deepest intimacy we may ever know: with our very selves, our life force, the still, wise presence alive at our core. It is through this presence and in this quiet inner space that Vesta and Chiron do their work, encouraging us to feel the hurt, to allow emotions to arise and fears to surface, all in the company of the most deeply compassionate, loving and supportive energy possible. We are safe in this space, no matter how much we may feel torn apart by the challenges we face. This is a heavenly gift of light and love sent to illuminate the darkness of isolation and fear.

But it doesn’t end there, for healing is not simply to ease our pain but to make us whole, returned to a state of profound integrity. No longer fragmented, twisting this way and that to avoid suffering on all sides, but instead strong and still enough to walk through the eye of any storm and emerge intact, seeing and knowing the light of truth even in our darkest hour. This is the destiny of all who seek to heal. We become whole not for personal gain but because the universe needs us healed to conduct the evermore powerful and exquisitely subtle energies that flood this planet. Later this year Saturn, lord of form, and Neptune, lord of formlessness, begin a year-long dance that will keep us on our toes. If we strive to by-pass the discomfort of the physical by losing ourselves in other realms, or alternatively reject the unseen, clinging to the physical in denial of formless possibility, it will be an unnecessary struggle. Vesta and Chiron team up now to prepare us for the path ahead, inviting us into a healing dance which connects us with all things of other realms whilst ultimately reminding us the blessings of healing are to be applied on the material plane.

To heal is not to escape. It does not equate with freedom from form and transcendence of the physical. We are embodied beings living in a material world. Whilst we can engage with all manner of other dimensions as we do so, our task is to live their blessings in this physical realm. We conduct cosmic energies through us into the earth. As we make ourselves whole we can do so with greater clarity, offering ourselves as clearer channels through which grace is made manifest. In the coming days we have the opportunity to receive deep healing if we wish, but we must reach out to receive it and in doing so know that it was in us all along. We must open ourselves to embrace the energetic remedy that balances our own. A new piece of the jigsaw will connect up parts of ourselves and our lives previously detached from each other. This is how healing works. It reconnects us with the divine, with ourselves, with our environment and everything in it. It joins up a fragmented life and returns it to wholeness. It allows us to be present with what is, not in perpetual avoidance of who we are.

This healing asks of us commitment to wholeness and a willingness to embrace the physicality of our life. Not live with one toe dipped in the physical and our head in the clouds, but fully embodied – in touch with the earth, with ourselves, with each other and life all around us. It asks us to channel the many blessings of our own healing into the world as we sink ever deeper into wholeness, knowing ourselves and each other as the divine in human form, working out all things in its own sacred time.

Sarah Varcas

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