27th to 30th October 2014: Black Moon Lilith opposes Chiron

by Sarah on 22/10/2014


 Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, Chiron in Pisces, Vesta in Sagittarius, Pallas in Scorpio, Venus in Scorpio, Sun in Scorpio, creative imagination, faith, truth


Imagine That!


Sarah Varcas

Throughout this week we can allow our imaginations free reign in order to find the nuggets of wisdom which most support us on our healing journey. So often constrained by societal mores and social expectations, imagination is frequently relegated to a tiny box opened only in the privacy of our personal space and shared only with those we know well enough not to judge such intimate musings. Some of course, the artists among us, live by sharing the fruits of their imagination, but all too often, for the majority, imaginings are left to dwindle and wither in the darkness of a mind not willing to let in the light of day.

The ‘authorities’ prefer it this way: god forbid that we should think creatively, imagine possibilities other than those they lay out for us, entertain the potential of a totally new way of living, outside of any box within which we have been born and raised. But Pluto is in Capricorn now, shaking up what it means to be an authority, revealing the corruption at the heart of the mechanisms of power and exhorting us as individuals to reclaim sovereignty over our own lives. Right now the heavens support us in contemplating just how to do that in the most creative and imaginative ways. How to revolutionise our own lives and reignite the spark of genius which may lie dormant at its heart.

The Sun, Venus and asteroid Pallas offer some creative tips, reminding us that whilst the very spark of creative living is often lit through necessity, it doesn’t always have to be so. Whilst it seems we must often be awakened from our complacency by strife in order to think differently and recognise that the old ways aren’t working, we now have the choice more than ever before to wake up anyway, smell the coffee and realise we can create from the simple desire for a new world to be born. No compulsory pain! Frequently creativity is associated with suffering in some way, the rub of the sand in the oyster which creates the pearl. Throughout history some of the most highly acclaimed creations have come through those who are known to suffer deeply for their art. This is one way to create but not the only one. Whilst necessity is the mother of invention, inspiration is the grandmother of all that gives us hope in the future, for when we create from an inspired place – from the eye within which sees the possibilities even when unclear how to manifest them into reality – the sky’s the limit and anything is possible.

If we listen carefully, though, we will hear Mars in Capricorn in the background, reminding us that creation takes commitment and hard work. Mere imaginings won’t do it. Action, and plenty of it, is required. This is true too. We must get physical to create, draw energies from all realms into the material to form something new, be it a work of art or a new way of living. But right now, this week, we can afford a reverie, to let our imaginations run away with us, revealing all the possibilities, not just the safest and most accessible ones. What they show us may take our breath away, We could be forever changed simply from envisioning the enormity of what could be. Without doing this we keep ourselves in a box and don’t even need those granted ‘power’ in the world to do it for us! Now is the time to see a different future, to feel it, taste it, hear it and embrace it. For by doing so now we are energising that potential, investing it with radiance that refuses containment.

And finally asteroid Vesta proffers her advice: whatever we can imagine, however we envisage the possibilities of this time, their manifestation relies upon a willingness to commit to the long haul, to stand firm when times are tough and to keep the faith when all around are losing theirs. For today’s visions come from another dimension revealing a totally different way and we may balk at their implications for us now, no matter how much our heart may delight at their potential. ‘Stay strong!’, she cries. ‘Believe in what you see no matter how unlikely it appears. And stay true to your heart. Do this and the visions of today can become tomorrow’s possibilities’. We are creating a new world together, you and me, and right now we have the opportunity to broaden the very horizons of what that means and glimpse the potential of an entirely fresh and vibrant future.

Sarah Varcas

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